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Hiphop artist, GaKnew Roxwel, dives into psychology and brings back a bounty of gems. Under the Influence, paired with the Sound of Silence album, creatively shares the science of automatization and how habits reign over more than we realize. This dynamic dual of book and CD tells the universal tale of Calvin Lloyd, and his triumph from being tangled in a web of perpetuated abuse to unraveling his past for mental freedom. Written like a film, Sound of Silence gives a first person narrative of Calvin’s journey, while Under the Influence analyzes his psychology with a host of behavioral theories.

This project maps out a path to balanced emotional health and inner peace by breaking down the complexities of influence and our innate dependency on automatized functions. Dissecting a variety of relationships and the subconscious nature of learning, it’s your practical step-by-step model for breaking cycles. Under the Influence is knowledge from psychoanalytic circles packaged for everyday people.

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April 20
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nanamuki ,

Under the Influence

This book allows you to look back on your past, even that of your parents and grandparents and understand them better and help you stop the cycle of negative behavior and improve your relationship with your siblings and your own children. It was an eye opener for me being a single black parent and some of the good and bad choices, that it allow me to see that no one is perfect it’s a trial and error, but try to not allow your child(ren) to become another stereotype child in the community and they way society see them because of the color of there skin. I feel this book should be given to teacher to help with there students