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“Under The Trestle” is the true story of the most compelling murder case in Virginia history. In 1980, beautiful Gina Renee Hall, a Radford University freshman, went to a Virginia Tech nightclub on a Saturday night. She was never seen again. Her abandoned car was found parked beneath a railroad trestle bridging the New River, with blood in the trunk. The investigation led police to a secluded cabin on Claytor Lake, where there was evidence of a violent attack. Former Virginia Tech football player Stephen Epperly was charged with murder, despite the fact that Gina’s body was never found. In Virginia’s “trial of the century,” prosecutor Everett Shockley presented an entirely circumstantial case. Key witnesses against Epperly included his best friend, his mother and a tracking dog handler later believed by many to be a fraud. Three former Virginia Tech football players testified, including a Hokies quarterback once featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Would Epperly become the first person in Virginia history convicted of murder without the victim’s body, an eyewitness or a confession? And would authorities ever find the body of Gina Renee Hall?

December 20

Customer Reviews

Hokiefan2 ,


Hard to put down! Grew up in the NRV, had always heard about this. Great read

Meyer70 ,

Under The Trestle

This book was absolutely amazing. I grew up in the NRV since 1970. Although I was very young in the 80’s I do remember this case. Reading the book I could relate to a lot of the areas spoken of and to some of the people in the book. Very well written and beautifully expressed.

Thank you

ccbeamn ,

Riveting...I couldn’t quit reading!

I was a child when this case took place, but it has echoed through the New River Valley and has remained in the subconscious of residents and the tragic loss of a missing girl never recovered. It is a compelling tale, with sensitive yet forthright depictions, and weaves you through every detail and keeps you hooked. I literally could not put the book down and read all 900+ pages in a single day! I pray that ultimately, the renewed interest in the case will lead to Gina’s discovery and she can be laid at rest properly next to her father.