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Come back and play—through Braden’s eyes—in this tantalizing companion novel to Follow Me Under from #1 New York Times bestselling author Helen Hardt.

Powerful and enigmatic billionaire Braden Black doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t fall in love. But ever since meeting Skye Manning, he’s breaking every one of his careful rules. He just can’t get enough of her fierce independence and the white-hot sizzle of attraction between them. Of course, there are still lessons Skye has yet to learn…

Only Braden isn’t sure Skye is ready. Falling in love is one thing. Inviting her completely into his world—and the reality of his darker, most forbidden appetites—is quite another. It’s about trust. His and hers. But his past mistakes are catching up with them both. And Braden is running out of time to show Skye the things she’s never imagined…and have only just begun.

Discover Helen Hardt’s bestselling Follow Me series, starting with Follow Me Darkly from Skye’s perspective, and Darkly from Braden’s. Each book in the series is followed by a delightfully spicy companion book in Braden’s voice for the ultimate sinful experience.

August 22
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Janice F. ,


I absolutely loved this book…Braden never lets us down..and Skye is the one person he lets himself fall in love with..but, he continuously reminds himself that he doesn’t want that.,just the dark side of BDM…bondage is what turns him on…and now he introduced Skye into it too….and she likes it.perhaps too much…they are so in love…until she asks for the one thing that is his hard limit…and it’s a game changer….Hot and hotter…loved it

Astroyic ,

Loving Braden’s POV!

I am loving Braden’s POV in this companion book to Follow Me Under. This story made me realize just how much he is in love with Skye. Seeing it all through Braden’s mind you now know he is constantly thinking about her, wanting to not only control and command her, but also to please her, in every way. Her happiness is his goal.

“I want Skye’s trust. I want Skye’s safety. I want Skye’s love.”

Skye can’t seem to let go of Braden’s past and starts to try to manipulate him with games. She’s becoming lost in her relationship with Braden as everything in her life is changing. Braden is rightfully concerned that she is losing herself in his world. As she starts to exhibit an utter lack of any control. Will Braden’s love be enough to pull her back from destruction?

This was masterfully woven and filled full of steamy heat, and passion, that will singe your fingertips and keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end. I am totally under Braden’s spell and will be waiting anxiously for the next in this series.

12toot ,

Love and trust!

Love and trust, can you have one without the other? Trust can be many things; faithfulness, recommendations, or total sexual freedom, to name a few. It’s interesting to read Braden’s point of view and his reactions to having a relationship due to his past experiences. Sometimes, Skye’s actions don’t correspond with her words. No matter how much love there is between them, total trust has yet to be achieved and it takes time.

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