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From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes an all new family in her With Me in Seattle world! Hold onto your seat as we introduce you to Kristen’s new MAFIA FAMILY!

As the eldest son of Seattle’s current mob boss, Carmine Martinelli’s life has never really been his own. But he doesn’t mind because his family means more to him than his life. Which is why he's determined to make those responsible for the death of his aunt and uncle pay—in inventive and gruesome ways. And what better way to do that than to infiltrate the Russian mafia from the inside? It’s a good thing the bratva’s princess is stunning and seemingly willing to do whatever he asks. This vengeance could be the perfect mix of business and pleasure. 

Nadia Tarenkov has several things stacked against her: she’s a woman, and she’s not the eldest child in her family. But it doesn’t matter. She has her sights set on ruling the syndicate, and she always gets what she wants. When the heir to one of the States’ most powerful crime families comes knocking, Nadia sees it for the gift it is. He thinks he has her fooled, but she’s smarter, more cunning, and always two steps ahead. She’ll beat the gorgeous mobster at his own game, and secure her place in the fold. 

What neither of them takes into consideration, however, is that they aren’t the only ones with deadly plans in motion. To survive, they’ll have to come clean and work together—and acknowledge that the growing love they’ve been pretending isn’t there, is very real.

March 2
Ampersand Publishing, Inc.
Kristen Proby

Customer Reviews

QuackytheDuck ,

enemies to lovers

Enemies to lovers romance is normally not something I gravitate towards but this book was amazing. I love Kristen Proby's books and this one brought me out of a rut/funk I was having.
Carmine and Nadia have know each other for years since both are children of prominent mafia leaders. Their relationship starts off fake, with both wanting to use one another to get ahead. But soon, they will have to work together to figure out who is after their family and why. the more time Nadia and Carmine spend together, feelings start to develop and a real relationship starts to form.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

The Martinellis Are Here

Okay, so, I'm not a huge fan of mafia romances...BUT...I am a huge fan of author Kristen Proby, and her With Me In Seattle series, and she's written some mafia books that are interconnected with the Seattle series. Am I going to read them, love them, and ask for more? I don't want to be swimming with the fishes, so you bet the heck I am.

So, UNDERBOSS. If I could have envisioned the perfect mob couple, Carmine Martinelli and Nadia Tarkenov are it. Carmine is 100 percent alpha, in control, "family" man to the core. Nadia's not taking any, erm, stuff from anyone, and can handle the business like a pro. These two are a match made in mafia heaven...savvy, sexy, strong, and getting things done.

Once I started UNDERBOSS, I could not put it down, and when I got to the end, I wanted more. More Carmine and Nadia, to be sure, but also more Shane, more Rocco, just more. Luckily for us, the other Martinelli brothers have stories of their own coming our way, and they promise to be just as full of intrigue, passion, and action as UNDERBOSS. So, what are you going to do? Get this book, settle in, and enjoy. ❤️

Lesleyyuare ,

Very childish

It’s a very pre teen written books. The characters are adults but say things like “oh poo.” The story line is all over the place as well.

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