Undercover Engagement Undercover Engagement
Book 5 - Private Pleasures

Undercover Engagement

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Buttoned-down Eden Brixton is less than thrilled when she’s partnered with smooth-talking wild card Marcus Swain in an undercover op. Both their careers hinge on convincing folks in tight-knit Bluelick, Kentucky that he’s the love of her life. She’d sooner tase Swain than have to hang all over his chiseled body like she can’t get enough.

For Swain, being partnered with the too-gorgeous-for-his-sanity Eden promises to test his well-honed control. She’s smart, she’s skilled, she’s not just by-the-book—she knows the damn book backward and forward. And she hates his guts.

When Eden absolutely nails her role as his sexy fiancée—where the hell did she learn to seduce with a single glance?—Swain is knocked right on his ass. Living with a temptation like Eden makes it hard to remember their chemistry is strictly for show. And when the heat gets too real,
doing the undercover op might prove to be their undoing.

Each book in the Private Pleasures series is STANDALONE:
* Private Practice
* Light Her Fire
* Falling for the Enemy
* Wet and Reckless
* Undercover Engagement

July 26
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

nora charles ,

Another Great Visit To Bluelick, KY

I really enjoyed this latest installment from Samanthe Beck’s Private Pleasures series. This newest story features two new police cadet grads who are forced to work together on an undercover op. Eden and Marcus start things off with a love/hate relationship. He loves getting under her skin and she hates him for it. The two seem completely mismatched, but they do have chemistry. The pair soon find themselves learning more about each other, and themselves. It was lots of fun to read the bickering between Eden and Marcus. And it was even more fun to read how explosive their chemistry was with one another. “Undercover Engagement “ is a great addition to the series.

KSP91301 ,

Another steamy trip to Bluelick, KY

In Wet and Reckless, book 4 in the Private Pleasures series, Ms. Beck hinted at the spirited relationship between two law enforcement officers forced together in an undercover operation. Enemies-to-lovers is my absolute favorite trope, so I was hopeful the two would be featured in a future Bluelick book. I didn’t have to wait long for my wish to be granted.

Eden Brixton and Marcus Swain are like gasoline and a match, and it doesn’t take much to set them off. They’re well-matched in all ways, and it’s fun watching them circle around each other before going toe to toe. They’re either at each other’s throats or, uh, other parts. There’s not often an in between for this passionate couple.

I love that Eden is confident, capable, and doesn’t back down, even in the face of Swain’s arrogance, possessiveness, and attempts to take complete control. He says all of the right things. Sweet things even. But he’s just a little too slick and arrogant for me to fall for him. I suspect I’m in the minority on that score.

I could never get tired of visiting Beck’s community of Bluelick, KY. She’s created a fun and fiery cast of characters. I enjoyed seeing and catching up with many of my favorites, and hope this won’t be the last time.

Undercover Engagement is a great addition to an amazing series.

Home or travel ,

Delightful steamy fake engagement

Undercover Engagement

A steamy, undercover fake engagement romance, what could be bad? Samanthe Beck once again shows why she’s the expert on hot stories in quirky small towns.

Eden and Marc are competitors, then partners, in crime fighting. They battled each other for the top spot in their police academy class, and then get pushed together to work an undercover opp in Bluelick, Kentucky. But, their assignment calls for them to pretend to be engaged to trap a local drug dealer. From the beginning, the two have very different strategies. Eden is a by the book, rule follower while Marc is a make it up on the fly con artist. But their opposite personalities make heat ignite between them.

Eden and Marc are fully realized characters with amazing chemistry. I love when characters banter and tease each other, and sparks fly when these two talk about everything from police strategy to their families. While some would call it an enemies-to-lovers story, it’s clear to everyone except Eden and Marc themselves that hate is not the emotion involved. And, it is a treat when the sex scenes deliver on this hot and dirty promise. This book is absolutely a stand alone, but Beck’s Bluelick cameos are fun gifts for long time readers.

If you are looking for a delightfully, steamy summer read, Undercover Engagement is the perfect book for you.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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