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Undercover Justice, A Justice Team Novella

Sin City isn’t ready for Mitch Monroe…

The cocky, irresistible Justice Team member is about to take Vegas by storm with his partner, sexy FBI sniper, Caroline Foster. They’re on the hunt for the missing daughter of a US Senator who might be the victim of foul play.

But is Mitch ready for Sin City?

Caroline—the only woman Mitch has ever loved—must go undercover as a contestant taking the place of the senator’s daughter on the hottest reality TV show of the year. While bachelor after bachelor throws himself at Caroline, Mitch must sit by and watch, knowing each and every one of them is a possible suspect.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Mitch has never been one to play by the rules or sit on the sidelines. Manipulating his way into a spot on the show, he becomes Caroline’s dream mate, and the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. But when the chips are down and Caroline’s life is in danger, can Mitch—a bachelor to his core—handle the sin, sex, and a night of debauchery that could end with a band around his finger?

October 18
ALG Publishing LLC
ALG Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

95one ,

Loved the book!

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

Great book! By coincidence, I have read all of the Justice Team series by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano, but this is the first one that I had to write a review on. I have also read several of Adrienne Giordano’s books, and the ones I read so far were excellent. I loved the characters of Mitch Monroe (Captain Sarcastic) and Caroline Foster, and the book is intriguing, with some humor, and romantic suspense. Not only are Mitch and Caroline partners with the Justice Team, but they are also lovers. Caroline was asked to do an undercover assignment as a bachelorette in Vegas to find a senator’s daughter. Caroline will be taking the place of the missing senator’s daughter for a hot reality TV show, but she does not want Mitch to accompany her because she knows Mitch will not be able to play by the rules and let some guy fondle and gawk at her. While in Vegas, Caroline does not confide in Mitch what she will be doing while on the assignment. Will Mitch be able to play by the rules when Caroline participates as a contestant? Will Mitch be able to forgive Caroline for not confiding in him and will this cause trust issues in their relationship? Thank you Misty and Adrienne for writing a great book!

Carol M Smith ,

Undercover Justice

The Senators daughter is missing!!! She needs to be found
without any publicity.
So Caroline Foster of the Justice Team is going undercover
in "Sin City" on a tv reality show.
How will her partner Mitch Monroe react to this assignment?
Caroline is not being upfront about her assignment with Mitch.
Will they be able to overcome the situation and find the missing girl?
This is a short, romantic suspense with sizzling gusto that
keeps you reading in one sitting. The novella flows effortlessly.
The characters are cleverly crafted. You will definitely enjoy this
short read.
Thank you to the authors for the eBook. My opinion is my own.

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