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"Big data" may be the biggest buzzword of our time. Many talk about how big data could revolutionise industries, make profit margins soar, and lead to some of the greatest scientific advancements of our time. But when it comes to the details of how to implement a big data strategy, or why data science has become such an innovative field, it's not so clear.

The founders of Dataconomy viewed the root cause of the disconnect between the hype and the innovation as a rift between the business and data science communities. It is undisputed that data scientists have produce staggering innovations and will continue to do so, but there is a fundamental gap between these data scientists and the business world they so often aim to enrich.

It was with this quandary in mind that Dataconomy began. Formed to fortify the lines of communication between the realms of data science and business, our stories focus around the way in which data of all kinds is shaping our modern consciousness- from how our information is being shared, to how it's touching our experiences as retail consumers, hospital patients and citizens within urban environments.

It's a fascinating and broad scope, and an area in which we are keen to share our knowledge and experience with a wider audience looking to understand the big data space. In this ebook, we've gathered together a comprehensive field guide to data science terms, technologies and applications for the uninitated. We will walk through the developments in data science that's made is such an fascinating and ubiquitous field, the latest technologies that made it possible, and use cases from household names that show data science at work on a granular level within industry. If you reach the end of the book and want to learn more, Dataconomy.com is updated daily with the latest data science news, stories and expert opinion, from international leaders around the globe.

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December 2
Eileen McNulty-Holmes
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