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Arranged into 18 thought-provoking examples drawn from Damon's personal life, and including premonition dreams, spiritual insights, exorcisms, visitations from physically deceased yet immortal conscious energy selves of loved ones, and Damon's shamanic healing sessions.

Included are real-life accounts and writings drawn from the author's involvement in tribal life, and his interactions with tribal peoples who contributed some of these examples included in this book.

The author is a reliable source for the information provided, as he is a 4th generation maternal descendant heir to the last hereditary Shaman-Chief of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks of Guyana, and has exhibited all the qualities of one in the tribe gifted with such abilities that is chosen by fate to fulfill such a role as a 'go-between' of the spirit world and physical world.

The author is also a formally qualified Level 3 Usui Reiki Natural Energy healer, as he realized that 'Reiki' is merely the Japanese name for the same natural energy-assisted healing process ALL indigenous tribal Shamen/Medicine men use, it is the higher-vibration force of Love and Light, not the lower vibration force of Hate and darkness as ignorant skeptics assume.

The reason why persons indoctrinated and brainwashed into rigid unquestioning compliance to the dogmatic antediluvian worldviews of man-made established Religions - consider anything outside of what they were TOLD to believe to be 'of the Devil', is precisely why human victims of these elite manipulated 'spiritual mind control tools' (as the author calls them) are unable to comprehend anything not contained within the closed-minded box parameters of their 'blind faith' obedience to the interpretations and beliefs of other long-dead mortals, who's fear-mongering and self-righteous ideas no longer hold any valid place in any society of advanced intelligence sentient beings.

Some readers may appreciate how the author invites them to rethink what they have been taught, and use the gift of critical thinking and God-given free will, to see the world around them from a LOVE based and no-longer FEAR-based perspective. 

This humble volume (and volume 1 before it) are valuable additional resources for all sincerely open-minded spiritual souls, who are on a quest to expand their conscious awareness for their own higher good, the higher good of those around them, and humanity in general.

October 17
Damon Corrie
Draft2Digital, LLC

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