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Understanding the Golf Swing (with embedded video) will show you a different, simpler approach to the golf swing. Manuel de la Torre, is a member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame, a program founded by Golf Magazine to ensure that the theories and philosophies of the game's greatest instructors live on. He is the leading modern day proponent of Ernest Jones' Swing Principles method of golf instruction. The Jones and de la Torre concept is quite simple: "If the club is used properly, the body movements take care of themselves." This simple statement has the power to bring about profound improvements in your game!


The new IPAD edition features the full text of the print version of Understanding the Golf Swing and over 30 minutes of video from the accompanying DVD.


From the Foreword by Carol Mann, Ladies Professional Golf Association and member of the Hall of Fame: "Manuel first impressed upon me that I was really trying to produce one thing - a swing! He not only taught me a simpler swing but also ball flights that are essential for any tournament player to shape shots and trajectories.

Be prepared to hear, 'It can't be that easy!' Be prepared to use your mind to direct your golf actions. Be prepared to discard chaos while practicing or on the course. Be prepared to commit to a new way of being on the course. Be prepared to enjoy learning and playing in a full, rich state, blending your mind, body and club.

After reading Understanding the Golf Swing you will join me in thanking Manuel de la Torre, as I do every day."

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December 10
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Warde Publishers, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Carmellom ,

Improved my swing instantly

This is a book that focuses a lot on feel, exactly what the swing is. It goes into just enough on the technical detail you need. Highly recommend.

KermitB ,

A revelation

This book has been a revelation and should become a classic. Read it, assimilate it, take it to the course and become a better golfer. So many amateurs (myself included) try to repeat the swings of Tiger, Jack, Seve or whoever the star of the day is. Forget it, it’s not going to happen. Not only you don’t have their build, dedication, talent (well, maybe some of you do, who knows?), but because you are just not them, you are…, you, and you have to build a swing that works for you, not them. What this book teaches is how to keep it simple, swing the clubhead and let your body, with it’s unique shape and conditioning, react to produce a good shot. It’s style is so plain that it can be mistaken for shallow, but on the contrary, there’s a wealth of wisdom in it’s simplicity. Thank you, Don Manuel.

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