Undone By You Undone By You
Book 3 - The Chicago Rebels Series

Undone By You

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USA TODAY bestselling author Kate Meader brings her signature “steamy sex scenes, colorful characters, and riveting dialogue” (RT Book Reviews) to this novella in the Chicago Rebels series, following the general manager of the Rebels as he scores with one of his players off the ice.

Dante Moretti has just landed his dream job: GM of the Chicago Rebels. And screw the haters who think there should be an asterisk next to his name because he’s the first out and proud managing executive in pro hockey. He’s earned the right to be here and nothing will topple him off that perch—especially not an incredibly inconvenient attraction to his star defenseman, Cade “Alamo” Burnett. Cade has always been careful to keep his own desires on the down low, but his hot Italian boss proves to be a temptation he can’t resist. Sure, they both have so much to lose, but no one will ever know...

As Dante and Cade’s taboo affair heats up off the ice and their relationship gets more and more intense, they’ll have to decide: is love worth risking their careers? Or is this romance destined to be forever benched?

March 5
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Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

4 Stars!

I love all the boundaries that are being smashed in the Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader.

We have three sisters that inherited a failing hockey league. Their father daring them in his death to beat the odds of making the team a success with impossible restrictions. Something even he, a former pro hockey player couldn't do.

All sisters are proving to the masses that women can be just as good in a male dominated sport. Add in players on the team that come from diversified backgrounds who each bring a strength to the team that Harper recognized in them.

Then Kate brings us Undone By You. An m/m story of Dante, the first GM in hockey who's come out and Cade, one of the best defensive men who isn't ready to let the world know. Their relationship seems so impossible. Cade's pretending to date Violet. Dante is Cades boss.

I wasn't sure how the author was going to turn it all around in a novella no less, but she did it. For being on the lower page count, it never felt rushed. Every obstacle was addressed and conquered. We get to see Dante and Cade fall in love and be free to just be. I loved it!

ARC provided by NetGalley.

Stephanie likes books ,

Dante and Cade were great

The only negative thing I can say is I wish this was a full length book and not a novella (bc I’m greedy). It’s still written well and there was build up in the prior books. This whole series is great.

Loves romance ,

A different story

This is actually a 3 1/2 stars. I love Kate Meader, I think her novels are sexy, exciting to read, and have always loved her characters. The reason I couldn’t give more than 3 1/2 stars is because I wasn’t able to relate about the romance between Dante and Cade. I can understand the love between them, I just couldn’t feel the thrill I normally have when I read her books.
Dante Moretti is lucky to have such a great job as the GM for the Chicago Rebels. He’s overcome the ridicule and gossip from his family, but at the same time, the acceptance from colleagues. He’s the first GM in hockey to come out as a gay man. Now if he could only stop thinking about one of his players, Cade Burnett, now that he’s found out he is also gay.
Cade has been a closet gay all his life. When you are a player in a hockey team, no one expects you to be a gay man. Cade wants to tell Dante, and hopefully date him.
As their relationship gets hotter off the ice, will they be able to risk their careers by coming out.

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