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We often find ourselves trying to understand Divinity. Carol Wynn is no exception. She has had her share of trials and tribulations.
                Her culinary and healing talents are well-known. After meeting Jack MacCleary, the two begin dating. Following a short courtship, they marry and move north to be closer to Jack's hometown. Carol is intrigued with Jack's devotion to his faith and willingly allows herself to be drawn into Jack's way of life.

                While many have doubted or lost their belief in the Spirit, Jack and Carol held steadfast in their faith, thus allowing them to overcome any adversity.
                Jack works at a local garage. Carol cooks at the town diner. The couple are well-loved. As time moves on, the happy couple are expecting their first child. A local priest, Father Warner, becomes increasingly aware that the young couple are special. He becomes their advisor and friend.

                However, when an estate agent moves into town and opens his office, Father Warner learns that things are not quite as they seem with this stranger's business. It's not long before Father Warner discovers the estate agent acquires more than real estate. Fearing for Jack, Carol, and their unborn child, Father Warner seeks help and advice from an old friend, his former headmistress from Saint Raphael's, Mother Nicodemus.
   Can Jack and Carol resist the charms of the estate agent and uncover his secret before it's too late? Can this evil destroy their faith? Will they forsake their families, home, and friends to suddenly leave and begin a new life?

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 12
K. L. Russell
Draft2Digital, LLC

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