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Behold sixteen short stories. Different themes, different genres. Some light and fluffy, others darker. Yet all have some element of the unexpected in them...if you are willing to look for it.

***Author Note: All of these stories have been individually published and are available individually.***

Books included in this anthology:
Battle on the Stairs, The Magic Celebration Day Parade, Teddy’s Escape, Destiny Inc., Delivery, Spot For Sale, Figurehead, The Story Of…, Night of the Almost Dead, The Executioner, The General, The Wheel, Village X17, Real Life, Ruth’s Family, The Last Broken Sword.

Battle On the Stairs
While away, the Blair family was unaware of the daily carnage occurring in their home. Watch the magical, mystical events unfold in a battle which will never end.
This is a short story, 2000 words long.

The Magic Celebration Day Parade
Feast your imagination with the 6217th annual Magic Celebration Day Parade. Experience the elaborate floats, the enchanting music, and the charismatic characters of the Bowling Dragons, the Secret Society of Trolls, the unicorns, and pixies, a few participants who spread their magic and joy for the world to relish in their jubilee. Grab a seat and immerse yourself into the party of the year, the Magic Celebration Day Parade from the comfort of your own home. Next year, join us in person to bring happiness to the world.
This is a short story, 2200 words long.

Teddy’s Escape
Teddy is missing and nowhere to be found. After searching every corner of the antique shop, Martha and Elmer report their beloved pet missing. Will Teddy be found? Was he kidnapped? Or did something else inspire Teddy to run away?
This is a short story, 3300 words long.

Destiny Inc.
Doe is the voice of destiny. However, do others desire to know what their future holds?
This is a short story, 1600 words long.

A mistaken package delivery turns into more than ordered, an order that could cost Honey and Cherry their lives.
This is a short story, 4400 words long.

Spot For Sale
A spot holder outside Club Custodela, Isis makes a decent living along with her employees. A competitive, lucrative business, trouble makes an entrance and does the unthinkable. Will Isis outmaneuver her adversaries?
This is a short story, 3300 words long.

A forest dweller his entire life, his existence was one of necessity to nature. One day the children came and took him away from the only home he knew, loved, and nurtured.
Why? Why would they do such a thing?
This is a short story, 1300 words long.

The Story Of…
A book buyer who reads proposals comes across a book written by a true literary genius. Determined to learn the identity of H.N.A., the book buyer is unstoppable in her pursuit.
This is a short story, 2700 words long.

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Fiction & Literature
March 19
Trisha M. Wilson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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