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Experience the full power of our innovative App DEMO (see free sample). You'll be flying through grammar exercises and tapping your answers to bring the simplest interactive learning to life. Backed by our large database, the system provides you with the right information at the right time in a dynamic environment, making it possible to customize the best learning path for each individual. For another pleasant surprise, all exercises were carefully selected from 'The adventures of Sherlock Holmes' to teach you the kind of practical and stylish English you always want to see in your writing. And writing is what this book is all about, but you can't write correct English without any grammar rules or express yourself effectively without mastering sentence patterns. So this book has to start with grammar as part and parcel of writing, but it is a grammar book with a difference. Books on simple grammar tend to end up with incomplete or even inadequate grammar. Simplification by omission is a process of making choices on behalf of the reader presumably because the latter is unable to do so. There is, however, another way to teach, which is giving the full presentation and leaving it to the memory faculty to make choices. Accordingly, this book gives you a comprehensive grammar course to gain a complete overview of the English language. Obviously, there are parts you need to remember and parts of passing interest that you only need to be aware of. As mentioned in the Introduction, the technique of presenting 'Unforgettable Grammar' is to make what you need to know unforgettable and leave the rest to your indulgence. With this flexibility, the middle and high school students will find the book valuable in improving their writing skills, while teachers and parents will use it to widen the scope of teaching as desired. For instance, can you ever forget that there is only one rule in writing, or that learning two tense rules is sufficient to handle tenses? Read the book and find out.

January 8
Dr Lloyd Yam
Smashwords, Inc.