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Publisher Description

There are two sides to every story, but they can't both be true, can they? In the second book of the Birthright Series, Bridget E. Baker weaves a tale of bad things done for very good reasons and an unexpected chance at redemption.

To be feared is lonely. . .

As heir to the evian throne, Judica must be perfect every moment of every day. If she slips up, even once, her mother will replace her. Impossible standards, horrifying decisions, terrible truths—none of these stop Judica from doing what needs to be done. She becomes what her mother demands, what her people need, what she never wanted for herself. But it isn't enough. 

But to be weak is death.

Judica's worst nightmare becomes a reality when her twin sister Chancery steals the throne. Her life is over, all her efforts a waste. Judica should be furious, but strangely, she's relieved. The freedom from her former responsibilities leaves her time to pursue her mother's killer. But as she unravels the clues, the truth slips further away. When her investigation leads to a common enemy, Judica must decide whether she's willing to mend the deep and painful fractures between her and Chancery, or whether she's too far gone. Once a villain, always a villain?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 5
Purple Puppy Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PrimroseEM ,

You won’t want to read this… but you will regret it if you don’t!

If you’ve read book 1 you know Judica is the “bad guy”. I loved hearing the line “don’t look at her! Look at me! See me!” It was expertly placed as foreshadowing for this book to follow (imho)! How many times in our life do we only ever see one side of an issue and wish we could see all the angles? This author is so good at making you love and hate her characters and then showing you the other side. Her characters are so wonderfully dynamic and flawed. This is the book that lets you see the other sister’s experience. My heart broke into so many pieces reading the tragic backstory of a heir desperate for love and overwhelmed with the weight of expectation! Loved it! Read it! You won’t regret it!

MeaganC223 ,


Okay I didn’t think I could ever like Judica, but after reading this I totally was a fan! Such a good sequel.

C&C 1996 ,

Loving this series

I could see in book 1 that the author was gearing us up to dislike Judica. But I was surprised by how much I could change my opinion about her throughout this book. So many characters are on my suspicion list. No one is what they appear to be.
I am going to be anxiously awaiting the next book to come out in Audible. This is a good narrator. I like her voice and it makes the experience that much better.
As for characters I wasn’t sure what I thought of Roman. After this story I like him better but I am not 100% in favor of him. Unlike Edem who I just loved in book 1 despite the few suspicious things he did.
If your looking for a bit of romance along with an adventure and a mystery this is the book for you. Bridget captivates the reader throughout the story. I am not sure I liked the flip flop between the future and the past but I can’t fault the story telling technique either. Anyway, I look forward to book 3.

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