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Enjoy this steamy small town forbidden gay novel by contemporary romance author Lynn Burke

As a newly appointed youth pastor, I blindly walk by faith, stumbling without the promised light down God's chosen path.

Until a young man resurrects the sinful nature I've rejected in my strive for purity.

Isaac Van Dusen, my pastor's son.

He's troubled. Rebellious. Off limits to my lonely heart, yet gives me breath when I feel I'm drowning and in need of a savior.

Isaac's hunger for sin rivals mine, the kind that consumes.

Burns like fire and brimstone.

I'm determined to stay in a constant state of prayer, begging for delivery from temptation—all while dreaming of being on my knees for entirely different reasons.

I want to submit to the unholy craving between us and worship the young man entrusted to my spiritual care.

But acting on the lusts of the flesh ensures our fall from grace, and I can't allow him to be the second one to pay the price for my sins.

Even if it means living a lie for eternity.

Sinful Natures Forbidden Gay Romance Series:

Unholy Craving

Unholy Yearning

Unholy Desire

Unholy Temptation

If you're a fan of Eden Finley, Lucy Lennox, Onley James, Ella Frank, J.R. Gray, Jacki James, Alessandra Hazard, Saxon James, Baylin Crow, and Raleigh Ruebins, you're going to love this forbidden gay romance novel!

November 16
Lynn Burke
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

AllieAngi ,

unforgettable love story

This was a phenomenal read! I cannot say enough about the perfection of the story- Malachi and Isaac are an unforgettable epic love. The author is absolutely flawless in her delivery of a forbidden love between a youth pastor, Malachi, and the son of a pastor, Isaac. She makes you feel everything from the angst, the internal turmoil, the uncontrollable attraction, the overwhelming emotional restraint, and a powerful radiant love that forces you to see its beauty despite all the murkiness surrounding it.

Malachi has a scarred past, and he truly believes only his devotion to his faith can save him from the unrest and emptiness wedged deep inside him. Isaac is a budding young man, tormented by many of the similar demons that haunted Malachi when he was Isaac's age. As much as Malachi wants to help Isaac find his way back to faith, Malachi finds himself once again tormented by his 'sins', and this time he doesn't believe he has the strength to overcome them. Isaac immediately identifies Malachi's internal struggles and is determined not to fall prey to another man dictating what is right and wrong in his life.

This book is definitely one of those you cannot put down. Once it grabs hold of you, you will not find peace until you see it through to the last word. Your soul will yearn for the soothing healing balm Lynn Burke's words offer. This story will stay with you forever.

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