Unicorn Silva and the Embarrassing Horn

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Publisher Description

24 animated cartoons & 2 games!

Unicorn Silva and the Embarrassing Horn is the first of our cartoon electronic series about the adventures of Unicorn Silva. An original children story about a little unicorn and his friends will be of great interest for kids and juniors. 

Our interactive book Unicorn Silva and the Embarrassing Horn has a special interface developed for easier perception by a child. The type and the size of the letters perfectly suit children’s eyesight. Black clear-cut letters against the white background ease the reading.

The illustrations to the cartoon electronic book were designed with love from our talented creative team, and the readers can vividly see Unicorn Silva’s curious personality. The colors and lines are suited for children’s visual perception and eye comfort. The animated pictures will absolutely grab their attention and make them love the story and its characters from the moment they open the book. Unicorn Silva and the Embarrassing Horn is a story, a picture book and animation — all in one.

This book retells a about the adventures of an inquisitive unicorn named Silva who cannot understand why he is the only one who has one horn. Many parents will recognize their kids in the little unicorn who has thousands of questions to ask. At the same time children can relate to him as sooner or later in life they come to a time when they feel different from others. Unicorn Silva questions his parents about having one horn while cows and goats and other animals have two, only eventually to realize that one particular difference makes him neither queer nor odd. Besides, what really matters in life is true friendship. Silva discovers that one can have much fun and even win a competition regardless of the number of horns.

    Fiction & Literature
    July 25
    Kanstantsin Strausau
    Kanstantsin Strausau