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The defeat of the Tugar horde by Andrew Keane, his Civil War regiment and soldiers from the now-liberated Russian city Rus was cause for great celebration (RALLY CRY, Book 1 in The Lost Regiment series).  However, Andrew once again must mobilize his American and Russian troops, as another terrifying horde called the Merki have attacked Roum, with the help of human troops from Cartha, a Carthaginian city hostile to Rome back on Earth before both Romans and Carthaginians were transported to this strange planet.  

Andrew Keane insists the existing alliance of Rus and Roum must be honored, and so the army of Rus and American soldiers begins a long march towards Roum to help defend it. While Andrew’s troops are successful in saving Roum with the help of the Patrician Marcus and his freed slaves, Andrew and his colleagues realize they’ve been tricked.  The Horde’s strategy was to divert the Rus/American army, sending them South, so the horde and their Cartha allies can destroy Rus.  It’s a race against time as Andrew and his army of Rus, Roum and American soldiers struggle to return in time. 

Politics –  Rus, Roum and Merki – add to the fun of this brilliantly-conceived alternate world novel.

"Bill Forstchen's works have flair and power." 

- Joel Rosenberg, author of the GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME series


"With Bill Forstchen, you'll get some of the best adventure writing in years!"

- Science Fiction Chronicle


"One of the most intriguing writers today in the field of historical and military science fiction." 

- Harry Turtledove, author of THE GUNS OF THE SOUTH and HOW FEW REMAIN


on the LOST REGIMENT series:

"A parallel world novel of majestic sweep and gripping intensity." 

- L. Sprague de Camp, author of LEST DARKNESS FALL and THE ANCIENT ENGINEERS


"Bill Forstchen is highly respected in the military history community because he is the only one working in the field who understands the operational aspects of war, as well as the tactical and the policy/Strategic levels." 

- Dr. Dennis Showalter, Past President of the Society for Military History, author of TANNENBERG: CLASH OF EMPIRES



"A riveting, cautionary tale." 

- Booklist


"… a gripping author. Plot, characters and all the rest of the writing stew are well executed."

- The Washington Times

“The only thing more terrifying than this masterfully crafted story is the possibility of it actually happening—and not a damn thing being done to protect us.” 

--W.E.B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV

William R. Forstchen is the author of over forty books, has a Ph.D. in history from Purdue University and is a Faculty Fellow at Montreat College. He has a broad spectrum of works including science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, alternate history, several scholarly works, numerous short stories and articles and near-future thrillers ONE SECOND AFTER, its sequels ONE YEAR AFTER and the forthcoming UNITE OR DIE as well as a novel about the first space elevator PILLAR TO THE SKY.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 7
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Spectrum Literary Agency, Inc.

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