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I thought my life was the worst it could be. He proved me wrong.

Slowly dying in a cruel world, I survive solely because my will refuses to break.

Then I meet him, the brute who upends my entire existence and plummets me into a world of danger.

He's lethal. Ruthless. And intent on making me his.

Whether I want it or not.

Unknown Omega is the first scorching-hot, action-packed Omegaverse book in a series of seven, perfect for those who love reading steamy dark paranormal romance.

October 5
V.T. Bonds
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

AllieAngi ,

Thrilling and exciting new Omegaverse series

This is a fantastic series starter featuring special forces Alphas that travel and go on missions as a group. They are lethal and sinfully delicious. This book is about Seeck and his omega who does not have a name, but later names herself Nova. Seeck is the alphahole you want to kick up the behind, and despite the pain it cause to wish and Alpha and his Omega to be apart, Seeck definitely deserves it. His omega has survived torture and abuse, and somehow narrowly avoids the worse- only to be found by Seeck who literally greets her with more violence. I am so glad that the rest of the alphas were around to kick his behind and put him in his place. The omega in this story is just the most adorable innocent young thing. She has endured so much and doesn't even know who or what she is. She has no idea about the Alpha and Omega dynamic, but despite her disadvantages she does not stand down when it comes to these Alphas. It also helps that the Alphas would do anything to protect her, even from her alphahole mate. The Alphas that stands out the most is Dirk. He is just the most loving and devoted Alpha and at one point I wishes he would sweep her away. I cant wait to read about Dirk in the upcoming books.

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