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Unleash Your Giant & Step into Your Greatness is a leadership book for entrepreneur women designed to help you shake loose your shrinking thinking and uncover the magnificent being you were made to be.

As entrepreneur women, we are each presented with a continuous stream of moments in life, in which we exercise choices. The choices we make can either lead to self-defeating behaviors or to behaviors that affirm and honor our lives. Over time, depending on the mix of our choices, we are either headed for breakdowns or breakthroughs. 

Our power is in how we choose to lead ourselves within the breakdown or the breakthrough and in order to lead in business, we must be clear on the leadership we provide to ourselves. Not believing in your greatness, especially when faced with challenges stunts your growth.

You can be a leader in place as long as you're committed to continual growth in your mindset, your language and an understanding of self. But what happens when you stop growing or you stop believing in your greatness, especially when faced with challenges? As women, we tend to play small and that stops us from growing in the way we need to in order to honor leadership roles.  

Almost every entrepreneur worries about the fear of failurenot feeling good enough and can even suffer from imposter syndrome at some point in their business journey. In this book and workbook, you will discover strategies and tactics to help you tap into your mindset growth so those big, beautiful dreams you have can come into fruition. You are amazing, but when it comes to receiving your blessings, you find yourself stretched thin by trying to stay in your comfort zone. So it's time to get out of your comfort zone to rid yourself of limitations that hold you back from harnessing your power. 

So join us on this journey to equip you with the tools and techniques that will lead to exposing and resolving any self-limiting beliefs, fears or actions that keep you from reaching personal greatness.

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