Unleash Your Primal Brain Unleash Your Primal Brain

Unleash Your Primal Brain

Demystifying how we think and why we act

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Publisher Description

Unleash Your Primal Brain illuminates the fundamental “why’s” behind our actions from an evolutionary perspective. 

From the rise of the earliest life on earth, to our uniquely human recent adaptations, you will come away with a deep understanding of our of how the brain evolved, and why we act the way that we do.

Understand what makes us human!

This book is about the commonalities all 8,000,000,000 people on earth share.

Our ancestors were molded by ruthless survival pressures from the earliest days of life on the planet. Adaptations which worked long ago are still inside of us – also shared with insects and reptiles. Later additions are common to all mammals from the tiniest shrews to the most massive whales. Some capabilities were bolted on relatively recently, and are only shared with our primate cousins. And the runaway explosion of humans on the planet can only be explained by our own bizarre species-level evolution.

The only way to understand how our brains work is to examine the complete evolutionary arc.

Find out why your primal brain is in charge, and your logical mind is usually asleep
Learn what makes people unique among all other animals
Understand the biased shortcuts your brain takes to make decisions
Discover how culture has evolved us for learning and cooperation
Find out how fairness and group conformity impact our behavior
Understand the real purpose of memory, sleep, and dreaming
Learn how stories allow us to mind-meld with other people

Health, Mind & Body
July 2
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Customer Reviews

Mark Brooks ,

This book will make you smarter and improve your decision-making in business and in your life

I especially like the way Tim makes this book incredibly consumable in plain English with summary boxes of key learnings. I recommend reading the summary boxes first, and then consuming the entire book. ALL of this book is worth consuming slowly, and re-reading. A great ready reference.

Tim Ash studied for a PhD in AI (but then got consumed by business) and he comes at behavioral science and psychology from an interesting angle. He knows online marketing and product dessign, and ran the conversions conference for many years.

His book is a wild romp through the worlds of psychology, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, anthropology and even physiology (reactions to drugs) and makes for a wonderful primer. He also covers why we do what we do from cultural, sexual and social perspectives.

Basically, you need to know what is in this book for your business success, and personal wellness. Its serves up the essential underpinnings on why you make the decisions you do and sometimes choose wisely, and sometimes make suboptimal decisions.

I especially enjoyed the chapter “This is your brain on drugs.” Here’s one of my favorite summary boxes from the whole book, from this chapter... “Strong emotions cause a chemical reaction that can rewire the brain instantly.” Also, a word of warning on why you should never do drugs... “Rewiring our pleasure circuits with external drugs smashes our brain’s ability to function.”

Tim lists the books he reviewed at the end of the book. I think this is the ultimate reading list for commercially inclined, budding decision-making masters.

Also, I think this is a great weekend reader. Normally I’d go for a Kindle copy and highlight this kind of book, but I quite enjoyed pawing over a physical copy of this book and highlighting and marking it up while sitting at a coffee shop on the weekend. I wouldn’t get the Audible version, rather go for the hard copy or Kindle so you can easily refer back to it and skim your highlights and notes and re-read it.

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