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Imani is a crusader for justice. After a tragic event in her family, she has sworn to fight for those who are unjustly accused and imprisoned. So when she is asked to go to another planet and fight for the rights of a Kindred warrior who is scheduled for execution, she jumps at the chance. But there's one problem--he's a Nightwalker Kindred, a species so dangerous even the other Kindred shun them. Imani is fearless and determined to free her new client but what happens when she accidentally claims him as her own?

J'are has been locked in the hole for so long that his feral side has completely taken over. When he is brought into court, he's no better than a snarling, snapping animal, ready to tear out the throat of anyone who comes too close. But when he sees Imani, things change. He's dreamed of her--dreamed of her beautiful dark eyes and gentle voice and he knows she's the female for him. But enemies surround them and Imani is being attacked from every side by deadly forces she knows nothing about. Can J'are protect her from the death threats? And can he protect her from the most dangerous enemy of all--his wild feral side who is intent on bonding her to him for life?

You'll have to read Unleashed by the Defender to find out...

August 29
Evangeline Anderson
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R. Manor ,

Unleashed By The Defender

Unleashed By The Defender: A Kindred Tales Novel (Brides of the Kindred) - Evangeline Anderson

This Kindred Tale brings us back to the world of Yonnie 6 but in a totally new and original storyline. The Kindred from the mothership are sending a lawyer, Imani, to defend J’are, a Nightwalker Kindred.
The Nightwalker kindred are not accepted by the Kindred council as on their planet the males are unable to control their inner beast at night. J’are was an orphaned who was adopted and brought to Yonnie 6 by a wealthy mistress who raised him as her son and planned on him inheriting her fortune. Of course with Yonnie 6 there is subterfuge, violence, and poor J’are finds himself accused of murder. Imani is sent to defend him which is not an easy assignment.
When she begs the judge to let him be released in her care during the trial to save him from the harsh treatment he is suffering in prison, she vows she will “claim him.” The feral side of J’are believes the lovely woman has claimed him as her mate and incredibly Imani has a hard time resisting the unexplainable pull she has for her charge.
Although most of these stories set on Yonnie 6 can be a bit revolting due to their harsh matriarchal society, this story was refreshing and new. The many dangerous and overwhelming obstacles Imani and J’are have to face had me glued to the pages and reading through the night.
Loved this Kindred tale with a strong intelligent and determined MFC and a well deserved HEA.

Racy Carr ,


I swear this author gets more creative each time she writes a book.

I loved the story of Imani and J’are. Though I have to say my heart broke for J’are. he has been through so much and so needs someone like Imani to come into his life.

I loved the chemistry between Imani and J’are. These two had it bad for each other even though they did not want to admit it. I find that he was a Nightwalker Kindred very interesting and hope to see more on these types of Kindreds.

This was a great story that I would recommend. You truly would not be disappointed.

Cyber tam ,

Awesome Again

I absolutely love all the Kindred stories! This book is just another part of the big picture! Love another of the developments in the universe according to Evangeline! The Kindred seem so real and I love this imaginary universe that one can get so lost in!

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