Unlock Your Charisma

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Why is charisma so elusive? In other words, why is it so hard to pin down what actually makes someone charismatic? Why should the benefits of charisma be limited to those few who seem to have been born with it? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to unlock your charisma so you could get the attention, access, and credit you deserve?

Drawing on fundamental principles of connection and interpersonal dynamics, the Connection Counselor Joe Kwon finally reveals how charisma works. Instead of cataloging things that charismatic people do, Joe reveals the underlying mechanism behind charisma. You will also learn the fairy tales about charisma that are holding you back and the truths that will set your charisma free. Never be ignored, overlooked, or unappreciated again.

Unlock Your Charisma shows you how to be heard, be valued, and be chosen.

Business & Personal Finance
August 11
Connectadot Books
Joseph Kwon

Customer Reviews

Rav4privacy ,

Unlock Your Charisma

Joe did a great job of providing tangible steps that we all can take to be more charismatic. My favorite advice was the “yes mindset. “

Dr TJ Fossil ,

“Unlocking Your Charisma” by Joe Kwon

So many books can be considered “must read.” We’re inundated with information in seemingly exhaustive numbers of categories on how to lead, how to sell, how to be better human beings. Joe Kwon’s 80 page book is a simple primer on charisma.

You may have thought that charisma is some elusive trait, possessed by others and only available to a select few. In his direct and straightforward writing style, Joe Kwon gives clear, concise direction on developing what you have previously thought of as unavailable, underdeveloped or atrophied.

He includes the needed cautionary advice regarding too much of a good thing can go bad, and how anything unchecked or not in service of a greater good can become arrogance, corrupted or evil. He aptly describes the common myths about charisma in each chapter which he calls “fairy tales.” Then he goes about deconstructing each of the traits that make up the foundation of that sought after trait and how to develop them for ourselves. Muscle memory is available betwixt our ears, but like abs and pecs, you have to work at it.

He had me hooked by opening the book with a quote from Kimberly Davis, author of “Brave Leadership.” His use of a myriad of sources from historical figures to artists and sports analogies helps to make this a full bodied introduction to a fascinating topic that everyone recognizes and aspires to, but rarely have we been allowed to consider it a skill to be learned and develop. It’s interesting and highly readable.

HenryNeedsEQ ,

Short and sweet

Joe, congratulations on this wonderfully written book.

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