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From USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan comes a sexy new billionaire romance.

I've spent my entire adult life avoiding dating, which is funny because I work for a matchmaking service. My boss calls me "The Beast" because of my no B.S. attitude. My job is to scare away problem clients—the unmatchables.

In waltzes Mister Alfred Barnes. He's stuck up, brazen, and mouthwateringly gorgeous. Guys like him think they own the world, but in here I'm in charge. Kicking him out of my office is one of my greatest pleasures...until I find out that he totally lied about his identity.

Someone is going to get fired over this, and it might be me.

Now Mister Barnes is after me. After me in the most unexpected of ways. I've never dealt with anyone like him before, and years of therapy tell me that he's exactly not what I need.

What does my therapist know, though? She has her own secrets, and I'm beginning to think that everyone is out to destroy me. I'm beginning to think that I'm the one who is unmatchable.

This is a standalone novel. No cliffhangers. 

June 17
Sky Corgan
Marla Spring Braziel

Customer Reviews

Chutochop ,


One of your best. Couldn't put it down. Loved the characters and story line. Keep writing, cause I already have everything you have available in iTunes. Need new books!!!

Racy Carr ,

Pervert tamed the Beast

I received this for a honest review. If you have never read any of Sky Corgan’s books then you have truly missed out. She is one amazing author. This book was so touching. It was about two damaged souls that came together and found healing in love. It shows how love and time can heal wounds. The scars that Ember and Colton carried around were deep. They were truly perfect for each other. Though looking at the two you would see two people from two different worlds.

Ember works at Full Hearts Matchmaking Service. To me the position she had in the company when you first read the book was a dream job. If you ever have been associated with dating companies or online dating then you know some of the people you meet are not what as they seem at times. Ember’s job was to kick clients to the curb if there was something about that like they were married or were unmatchable. She was know as “The Beast”. She did her job well.

As I thinking of what I would put in this review I was trying to thinking about how much I would really tell you about Ember and Colton’s past. I think I will just leave that a mystery. Both have secrets. Both have a painful past and you might even shed a few tears for both of them. Though Colton’s past is truly hard I have to say that Ember’s were worse. Both have trust issues and do not let to many people get to close to them.

Colton is taking over the dating company that Ember works for. He finds himself at a rock and a hard place. He must chose whether to keep Ember and find a better position for her or fire her and get rid of the dead weight. This is something that is weighing heavily on his mind. He finds that he is attracted to her. He loves her spark, her feistiness, and her stubborn attitude but finds her to be cold and rude at times. What Colton does not know is this is all a front. She truly has a good heart and is working hard to heal her soul.

Ember is gong through therapy over her past. Her therapist which I would love to say right here that hated Doctor Spalding. Though at times Ember’s therapist gave her some good advise, I think there were times that her therapist was unethical and the doctor’s views were clouded.

Colton and Ember will start get very close. Ember has some serious dating issues and being with men. Colton has his work a head of him when it comes to tearing down her walls. The understanding, time, love, and compassion that Colton puts into the relationship I found so touching. He was there to give Ember anything she wanted and needed to heal.

There will be some trails and some road blocks that Colton and Ember must go through. Both will have to decide if love is truly worth fighting for. I truly found this to be a great story and so glad I got the chance and the opportunity to read it.

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