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A Box Set of Cases From the Crime Files of Notorious USA

From the dark and bloody ground of Kentucky, to the peaceful Amish communities of Pennsylvania, to the cities and towns crisscrossing Ohio, murder and mayhem has been a part of it all. Within the pages of …, you’ll discover how the unsuspecting succumbed to the evil that caught them by surprise, and what the authorities had to do to stop the madness. 

Cases include: 


Sarah Hansen - A cheerleader and all-around good kid, she met a nightmarish death. 

Sarah Teague – A young woman is abducted from a beach and is never seen again. 

Margaret Seitz – A mother of five, she killed two of them and then herself. 

Dr. John Strange - A newlywed disposes of his bride but doesn’t know what to do with her head. 

James Sefchick and Danny Tetrick were drive-in killers, and no ticket-taker was safe. 

Jessica Thornsberry – Only 12, she went to her friend’s house for a sleepover and wound up dead. 


Alec Kreider – He had a hunger for murder and started with his best friend’s family. 

Charles Carl Roberts – loving husband, father, and killer of young Amish girls. 

Gary Heidnik – A collector of women, and it was death to those who complained. 

George Sodini – He never found the love of a woman, so he made women a target for murder. 


Anthony and Nathaniel Cook - A murdering duo, they terrorized Toledo for years. 

Death of an Amish Wife - What happened to Ida Stutzman? 

Donald Harvey – An ordinary looking man, he earned the title: Angel of Death. 

Della Sutorius – She loved the book, The Bad Seed, and guided her life accordingly.

July 28
Notorious USA
Gregg Olsen

Customer Reviews

Bible on iPad mini ,

Very interesting collection of true crime stories

This set of stories was well written and answered all my questions, was hard to put down, but the there were some annoying typos. Spell check needed. Not the fault of the authors. I recommend this book highly but watch out for typos.

Fpiano ,

Very Run of the Mill

Little blurbs that could probably better be done for 30 minute tv segments. Dull.

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