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I knew Destiny wasn’t done with me. I knew that she was just getting warmed up, but I had no clue just how hard my world was going to come crashing down on me.
I had thought that I was going to get my fairytale wedding and marry the man of my dreams.
I was wrong.
Now, faced with having my world torn asunder and Faery exposed, I have to make choices I never thought I’d have to make.
I’m divided between two worlds, and I have to decide just how far I will go to get back what was stolen from me.
Old enemies are closing in, new enemies are being revealed, and surprising allies are entering the playing field.
War is on the horizon, and it’s coming right for us.

September 25
Amelia Hutchins
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Customer Reviews

AlaskanIceMom ,

Awesome book!

This is a must read!

samantha mitchem ,


If you didn’t cry at least once during this book then you’re not human or you don’t get emotionally invested in some of these characters which is also weird because how could you not!? Cried like a bazillion times throughout the whole series but this one takes the cake! As always the Amelia Hutchins serves us again!

LisaClover ,

Best to read this series in order

It is best to read this series in order. The time gap between this book and Seducing Destiny is too great and you miss out on the journey. So before you read this book, please read A Demon’s Dark Embrace prior to this to allow the story a better flow. The events in this story will make better sense. A Demon’s Dark Embrace is Ristan’s story and allows the reader a glimpse into his background. Syn and Ryder are trying to get married but keep having problems. Something always deter these two from being wedded. It’s almost comical. Onto the next book.

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