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Do the experts really know more than you? How much do you really need to spend to enjoy a great wine? What about all of those accessories, are they necessary?

In "Unraveling the Wine Knot" Certified Wine Educator, Dr. Stephen Reiss shares his often controversial views of wine and the wine industry. From Everything You Need to Know about Wine to his futuristic treatise on robots in the vineyard, these casual essays are easy to read, and easy to enjoy. If you have ever read a wine note and wondered what the heck the reviewer was thinking. If you have ever heard something espoused as fact, that you were dubious about. If you ever wished you had a friend with the inside scoop on wine, than this book is for you.

Author of the popular "Juice Jargon - How to talk about wine" Steve Reiss' no nonsense advice has helped millions find their footing on wine. With passion, scholarship and a mission to demystify what is ultimately just a bunch of squished grapes, Dr. Reiss has dedicated his career to serving up the unvarnished truth. 

Download "Unraveling" today, and tomorrow amaze your friends and especially your enemies, with your newfound wine confidence.

Dr. Stephen Reiss, Ph.D., C.W.E. has been teaching wine since the 1980s. As a wine steward at some of Aspen's most prestigious restaurants, he was able to learn how people learn about wine. This led to the publication of his best selling book: Juice Jargon. His website WineEducation.com has introduced millions of visitors to a no nonsense way of enjoying wine, without the hype, and above all else, without the fear. For the last several decades Dr. Reiss has been writing about the wines of the world, having traveled to not only the usual wine regions, but well off the beaten trail in places like Bulgaria, India and Thailand. He currently lives in the middle of the vineyards of Argentina, but you may expect to find him anywhere the wine is flowing.

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January 3
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Stephen Reiss

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