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Most people think that’s what my life is perfect. But not everything is what it appears to be. I have flaws. I have secrets. I just hide them from everyone.

Then I meet Ayden Gregory, my mysterious next-door neighbor. As I grow close to him, he begins to fill the void in my life of perfection.

But Ayden has secrets like I do. Dark secrets that could end up destroying him. And me too.


My life has always been full of darkness, so much so that I’m starting to believe that’s all that exists. But then a loving family adopts me, and I wonder if maybe I was wrong. But I can’t get rid of the haunting memories of my old life. The only breath of fresh air I have is when I’m with my best friend, Lyric.

Lyric is perfection in every way, and I find myself wanting her more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.

My past, though, is a constant reminder that I can never have her. Because if I do, the darkness that plagues me could end up destroying her too.

Young Adult
November 24
Jessica Sorensen
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Laxie4Life ,

Great Read

Wonderful characters made this book so full
And entertaining- can't wait to start the 2nd book!!

Annmric8 ,

Another series. This one might be worth pursuing.

Jessica seems to have a soft spot for writing about foster families and adoption. Not to mention she loves for her characters to have a haunting past that one day will surface in the present.
This story had a rough beginning for me. It took some time to acclimate to the story and the characters.
I like the music, fast cars and the cool parents. I sense Lyric is going to have no problems writing songs as long as she has Ayden to use as inspiration.
The story has a great message jumbled together in this array of a multilayered story. I like the fear element from Ayden. It's dark and mysterious. Then there's the safety and comfort element from Ayden who's afraid its too good to be true.
It's cute that Lyric holds all the power and control over this blossoming relationship with Ayden. Although I did not like her ignorance towards the effect she has on him. I feel like she uses intimacy as a way to comfort Ayden rather than show him that she actually wants more. Lyric has areas to work on when dealing with her feelings toward Ayden.
It took awhile to grab my attention. I was not sure where the story was taking me initially. I rather enjoyed the switch and direction of the storyline. My only hang up is having it spread out into several books. I'm not a fan of Jessica's everlasting series.

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