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What urged me to jot down what I had written in this little novel are the lessons that I have learned from the grand Lifes University. I had benefited from the experiences that I learned. Some specific points are clearly pointed and i am sure you would be able to grasp what is between the lines!
Yes. I had learned, felt, seen and believed that the person who is conscious of Allah, the Almighty, He would make him a way out and provide him with means from sources he would think the least he would be able to get from. Allah, the Almighty granted me strength after weakness. He granted me security after being frightened. He granted me provisions after being poor. Allah, the Almighty employed for me those who knew me and those who dont know me!. I kept on calling and invoking upon the King of all kings; Lord. I raised my hand up to Him. He didnt return them empty out of His generosity and kindness .
Some of the most beautiful moments are those which man spends with his own thoughts and memories that he lives second by second as he feels their sweetness, bitterness, hopes, pains, pleasures and sorrows, and all their details.
As I jot down what I could of such moments and capture them [by words and phrases], I beg your pardon and ask your forgiveness. I don't mean to excite you and stir your emotions through a novelist writing, but rather, I would like to give an [honest] account of my own story that carries my own emotions and feelings.
I seek your permission to sail with me in order to narrate to you, and in order to see with your own eyes the events of two months of suffering and pains that I spent in the USA, in the state of Massachusetts, in the city of Boston.

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November 17
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