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The third installment in the bestselling series that examines the real truths about COVID-19 by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson. This section focuses on masks and the evidence that they do - or do not - protect their wearers and/or slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Does my mask really protect you? Does yours protect me? Find out here.

Please note: This ebook contains only Part 3 of Unreported Truths. Parts 1 and 2 are available separately.

Science & Nature
November 24
Blue Deep, Inc.
Blue Deep

Customer Reviews

Moron Rehab ,

Excellent Part 3 of Book

Alex Berenson, known for putting out the truth even when it goes against the tide of groupthink, has issued a well researched Part 3 of his book. The case for masks as protection from a virus changed overnight. Not from research over many years, but from political machinations by those who desire to test how far they can push against God-given rights. You know those life, liberty and pursuit of happiness things mentioned in the Constitution.

Berenson makes the case, based on many years of studies as well as real world situations, that masks provide very little benefit in the battle against viruses in general and specifically the COVID-19 virus.

Anyone interested in thinking for themselves and willing to question those who claim to have our best interest in mind, would do well to read Part 3 of Berenson’s book to expand their pool of knowledge on this subject.

mudblood.doc ,

A lie is a terrible thing to waste

Better disinformation can be had on the internet.

NY Cuban Conservative ,

Must read.

Facts are facts, someone please start a class action suit to end the endless “Emergency Powers” mandating fallacies and fables of common good.

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