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Margaret was beside herself, wondering why Samantha was stopping by her place today. She’s stopped by before to chat just to see how she was doing. Perhaps, this was simply one of those visits. It just seems too coincidental, she thought, because it was just Saturday that she had seen her and Nicholas at the mall together. Her female intuition told her that something was wrong. Besides, Nicholas had been strangely quiet the last couple of days. He was almost sullen. Today, in fact, was the first time she had ever seen him when he wasn’t clean-shaven, and she had begun to worry about him.
“I’ll just have to wait and see,” she mumbled, shaking her head with a slight shrug.
The knock on the door startled her even though she had been expecting it.
“Hi, Mrs. Jones, what a pleasant surprise it is to see you,” she smiled as she gave her a warm hug.
Samantha took a deep breath. “It’s good to see you too, Margaret. Please, call me Samantha. I’m not your teacher any longer, I’m your friend,” she said as her stomach churned nervously.
Margaret chuckled. “Okay,” she said, smiling. “It’s been one of those days. I’m going to open a bottle of white wine. Would you care to have a glass with me? Oh, don’t worry; my parents get it for me. They bring me a case or two every time they come for a visit,” she assured her.
Samantha smiled. “In that case, I’d love one. It’s been one of those days for me too,” she chuckled, trying to make light of a strenuous situation. After all, Margaret didn’t know a thing about what was going on between her and Nicholas. She was quite sure of that now.
They sat and sipped their wine for a moment. They talked about the weather and a couple of other subjects that neither of them had the slightest bit of interest in.
“This really hits the spot, Margaret. Thank you,” she smiled, taking a deep breath.
“I know you said that school was going great, but how about your social life. Are there any new girls or guys in your life?” she asked cautiously.
The question took her by surprise, especially the part about guys because Samantha knew that she was mostly into girls. She almost panicked, wondering what she was referring to or what she might be thinking. She wondered if Samantha had seen her at the mall last Saturday. She thought quickly and decided that she had to answer her questions as if she had no knowledge of her and Nick.
She smiled bravely. “There’s one guy I was interested in,” she said, chuckling nervously, “but he shot me down.”
“I thought that you were mostly into girls,” smiled Samantha.
Margaret laughed. “Yes, I am, but occasionally, I see a guy that interests me. I kind of swing both ways if you know what I mean. I guess I like what girls and boys have to offer in the way of excitement,” she blushed.
“You said was interested in. What happened? I can’t imagine any guy turning you down,” she said, smiling.
“Well, apparently that’s not the case,” she grinned. “I got turned down by this guy after giving it my best shot. I did everything but hand him my pussy on a platter,” she laughed.
Samantha smiled. “Who is this Prima Donna, do I know him?
“He’s really a nice guy, and I’m sure that you know him. He must have had your class last year. It’s Nick Adams,” said Margaret.
Hearing Nicholas’s name was gut wrenching for her, but Margaret had said that he turned her down. What in the hell does that mean, she wondered?
Samantha smiled. “Yes, I know Nicholas. He’s a nice young man, but I’m surprised any young man could refuse you. You must not have given it all you had,” she teased.
Margaret snickered. “Samantha, to be perfectly honest with you, Nick and I go back a ways. I wanted to have sex with him when I was a senior back at Westminster High, but he wasn’t ready, and he was still a virgin. Then, when I returned home last year during the Christmas Holiday, we went out on a date, and I was able to persuade him to have sex.”
Samantha started to get uneasy. She didn’t know that they had been lovers.

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December 10
Christopher Maddox
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