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This is the ground-breaking, exhaustively-researched book that revealed, for the first time ever, all of the details behind the thousands of TV series ideas that were developed and rejected by the networks since the dawn of television. 

The book was an instant, national sensation when it was first published in 1990, winning enthusiastic critical acclaim and enormous media attention, including on-air praise from TV legend Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show," and was adapted into two hour-long specials, "The Greatest Shows You Never Saw" on CBS and "The Best TV Shows That Never Were" on ABC. 

This is a landmark work of television history and research ... a must-read for anyone who loves TV... and who wants to know how shows get on-the-air...and how they don't.

"Full of fool's gold and genuine TV treasures," New York Post

"A must-browse for media freaks," USA Today

"A remarkable encyclopedia," TV Guide

"The best bathroom reading ever!" San Francisco Chronicle

"One of the best books ever written about television," TVParty.com

"A fascinating book," Johnny Carson

"To say UNSOLD TELEVISION PILOTS is exhaustive is an understatement; Weighing in at 3 pounds and 828 pages, it's an intimidating monster ... and yet, it's not meant to be read in the traditional sense, because it's a reference work. Whatever you do, don't miss the introduction, which gives a fascinating peek into the business of the pilot process -- from someone who's been there, no less," Bookgasm

"Packed with amusing failures," Chicago Sun-Times

"Irresistible, enthralling, a page-turner. Goldberg puts just enough historical background in the book to make the bizarre psychology of the networks make sense," Hartford Courant

"Among the finest books I've ever read about television. And given Lee's track record as writer, producer, director and historian you're not going to find more accomplished guide or judge anywhere," Ed Gorman, Mystery Scene Magazine

"Copiously researched and often amusing" The Rap Sheet

"If you love TV, this book is a must have, filled with hours of fun!" Kings River Life Magazine

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Adventures in Television
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Customer Reviews

Jesus Braunschweiger ,

Ice Pick in the Neck to Hipster Know-it-Alls

What a neat book. Answers questions you never knew you had and the definitive ice-pick in the neck to hipster know-it-alls. Flipping through the chapters offers a macro-level view of the evolution of television, back when film and stage titans like Dore Shary and Moss Hart pop up with neat projects sadly lost to the proverbial dustbin of history. The number of production companies likewise dwindles as the omnipotence of the three networks (what's a cable?) winnows out the weak and tired with Darwinian ruthlessness. UNSOLD TELEVISION PILOTS also provides a tiny shard of solace to struggling actor/writer/director/executive. Searching for Stephen J. Cannell, for example, shows that even the greatest successes in the medium don't bat 1.000. The loglines alone are priceless. *Big George Diamond* - "Redd Foxx is a maitre d' in a ritzy Las Vegas eatery who chucks it all in favor of owning his own highway diner, where he lives with his wife and his aggravating mother-in-law." *Just Another Polish Wedding* - "Lou Gossett is a slick conman, Isaac Hayes is a hard-headed ex-con. Together, they become private eyes." There are also more depressing examples of faded lilies bending to be recycled in some hopeless star vehicle, as well as the naked cash grab by once-shiny film stars no longer able to put fannies in the seats. For anyone who grew up in the '60's & '70's and considered syndicated TV one of the four foodgroups, UNSOLD TELELVISION PILOTS is a must.

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