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Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, life—it’s all fleeting. I had to trade in my happy ending, and though I make places beautiful with my work as an interior designer, the rest of my life is anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling me under. When I’m forced to see the man I turned my back on, though, I can’t deny his hold on me.


Am I driven? Hell yeah. A contractor, I’m swiftly building my business into an empire. Work is a faithful companion that never lets me down like the woman I loved did. When I see women now, it’s on my terms. And my terms are simple: just sex. I won’t let a woman break me again—until she returns. With her, pain and pleasure are an intoxicating combination I can’t get enough of—even if it ruins us both.

October 18
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,

Beautifully Perfect

As a primary care giver for my Mom who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma is the late stages 5 years ago, I sympathize and empathize with all Palmer had to go through. Diagnosis brings shock, then the ability to pull strength from an unknown place to stay strong for your parent and family. Treatments are difficult for the both patient and the family, just not in the same ways. And when the end arrives, should it lead down that path, all the hidden emotions come to light that you can only hope you have a strong partner or friend to support you through. Like Dr Fielding said about it being treatable, but not curable, my mom’s treatments have put off the probable. Continuing treatments or not, whichever she chooses, I’ll be her biggest cheerleader and advocate.
**Just remember, despite giving all of yourself to your sick loved one, remember... it’s ok to share the load with those that are able and willing, whatever the case may be. 🥰

The Pleasure of Reading Today ,

Heartbreakingly beautiful

What would you sacrifice for the ones you love? Your life as you know it? Your freedom? The opportunity to live a happy life with the man you love? This is a story about sacrifice, acceptance. forgiveness, friendship, second chances and never ending love.

There are books that you read and you connect with them in such a way that they leave a deep footprint in your heart and soul. This is one of those books. The realness in which Brenda wrote the characters and the circumstances surrounding them makes the reader able to relate to both. At times I was so overwhelmed by the emotions the characters were going through that all I did was cried. I felt for them and with them.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Palmer Sinclair's life comes to a halt, due to those same circumstances she does what she thought was best at the time for the man she was supposed to marry, she lets him go. But she lets him go withholding the real reason why she's doing it. Palmer then goes to take care of her mother and disabled brother, going through life the best way she could.
After the break up, Brady Grant moves from Chicago to Colorado and throws himself into work, for a whole year he goes through life bitter and hooking up with women trying to forget the one that got away. After being separated for a year, Palmer and Brady see each other again and sparks fly, but there's still resentment, things that need to be forgiven and unspoken words that need to find their way out.

It is clear to me that the author put her heart and soul writing this book, the essence of this can be felt in every word, in every page. I'm a fan of Brenda's work, but this book is her best work to date in my opinion. The brilliance of the storyline mixed with the depth of the characters is something that makes this book one of the best books I've read this year. Five stars doesn't even begin to do it justice. Highly recommended.

RonettaReader ,


Brenda Rothert has proven AGAIN why she is one of the up and coming authors in the romance genre. Unspoken has everything a good book is supposed to have. This is no fairytale. Palmer and Brady had to fight, work, and fight some more for their love story. This book had real emotion and at times I wanted to stop reading because my heart couldn't take anymore. This was real and really felt. Brenda left nothing out of this story. The characters were flawed, but loveable. If you are looking for something different, look no further. You've just found it!

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