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Unlock Your Potential. Become Unstoppable.

Unable to overcome debilitating fatigue and depression, bestselling author and personal devel-opment expert Ben Angel set out on a 90-day mission to find and conquer the root of his rut.

The result of his journey is Unstoppable, a highly revealing book where Ben gives you a look into the world of nootropics, wearable devices, and nutrition and delivers a guide to help you reduce stress, increase focus, improve physical performance, and eliminate your fears. You’ll hear from world-leading biohackers, neuroscientists, doctors, and New York Times bestselling author Dave Asprey as Ben helps you:

Identify the seven triggers causing your brain fog
Discover the key to better health, more energy, and a better mood
Optimize your mental performance and feel more alert with six nootropics
Form new behaviors and break old patterns (the real secret to your success)
Interrupt your stress response through breathing
Align your biochemistry with your soul’s purpose in three easy steps
Use progressive overload to become an upgraded version of yourself

Plus, gain access to the Unstoppable Assessment to discover your identity type, pinpoint your energy levels, and create a plan to break through your own limits and become unstoppable.

When we look at the most successful people, we usually look at their habits—their behaviors, their day-to-day rituals, their dedication. But what about the mind? Ben Angel hits this idea head-on in Unstoppable, tackling peak performance with biohacking strategies that will blow your mind.
—Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and New York Times bestselling author

Health, Mind & Body
October 30
Entrepreneur Press
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mitch1829 ,

Best Book on Self-Help I’ve Read in Years!

This book changed how I look at the entire self-help genre. Ben focuses on how many people inaccurately diagnose excuses as a poor attitude, when in fact it could be underlying environmental triggers that are mimicking psychological disorders. His online quiz gives personalized recommendations, then there’s also the documentary series on youtube that brings it to life. It’s well-researched, & I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety & stress who haven’t been able to find answers to date.

Rumplemints ,

No Stars

This is another self help scam book.

The author seems to suffer from ADHD as he jumps all over the place and there really is no plan laid out for you.

Jokes on me though because I fell for it.

Djholmen ,

Finally The Truth Behind Our Success or Failure!

Finally, a book that gives you the details in how to get your mind and body back to health, and not just theory or believing your doctors. Ben shares his journey from depression, anxiety, fatigue and brain fog to becoming unstoppable in 90 days! Most of us just want to feel better and our doctors don't give us much hope and a pill to chase it all down with.

Ben also created a 13-Week mission with step by step course that gives weekly challenges/ experiments for you to try, since we are all so different, and what works for one, may not work for all. He gives you meditations to listen to that can help break negative or old belief systems, as well.

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