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I gave my heart to a Navy SEAL. 

He took it with him to his grave. 

Eleven years later, ignoring the yawning void is as automatic as breathing. Working brutal hours, dating a comfortably commitment-phobic guy, hanging with my best friends. Anything until exhaustion—or an extra glass of wine—claims my consciousness.

My neighbor’s handsome, enigmatic son invades my comfort zone. 

He says he’s a tattoo artist. But Anderson Hawkins’ piercing green eyes, mastery of the short answer, weird schedule, and military ink tell a different story. 

His touch ignites a long-dead flame inside me. A flame I’m afraid to examine too closely, even as I’m drawn to its heat.


I retired from Delta Force 

Now I work at a high-intelligence security agency

But working undercover isn’t the adrenaline rush it used to be. 

For one thing, my Mom’s illness shifted my priorities to finding a way to save her. For another, her neighbor next door, whose prickly defenses belie the unflinchingly caring heart underneath, has slipped under my skin. Now my mission is to convince her it’s safe to unlock her heart. Because I’m ready to give her mine.

Note: This contemporary romance contains a wary, overworked doctor who’s a military widow in every way but name, an ex-military hero accustomed to treading dangerous ground, brought together by a few unexpected twists and turns—and maybe the machinations of a cute dog. 

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April 1
Claudia Burgoa
Literally Alpaca Illustrations, LLC

Customer Reviews

j_laurel ,

Until I Fall

Really gripped me, had me crying right away. This book shows such raw emotions and true love. Two days. I couldn’t put it down, read it all in two days.

carolinawp ,

Suspense with a heart

Captivating story of the strength required to love, forgive, and endure life mishaps, and still be true to yourself. Well written plots, realistic characters with a bit of suspense.

Picqeene ,

Until I Fall

This was a really good read. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I would recommend this book. I do have a problem with the editor and/or proofreader. Please, find someone who will read the book with a red pen before you publish!!!!

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