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In 1944, while World War II still raged, a husband and wife left the comforts of America to move to Africa. Headhunters and cannibals roamed the jungles of “the dark continent,” as the land was still called then, and witchcraft and juju held people in the grip of fear and superstition. But dawn was about to break. In the midst of chaos, a story of love, dedication, commitment, hope, and encouragement began to unfold.


This is the true life story of two people who dared to trust the God who called them. As you enter these pages, be prepared—you will find joy and tears, tension and suspense, raw terror, and good followed by evil of the darkest kind. You will walk with this couple as they were forced to make searing decisions in the presence of starving children. You’ll be by their side through the dark night when evil was prepared to kill. But most important, you will see the hand of a loving Heavenly Father guiding them every step of the way.


In the midst of life’s shadows, A Dark Place . . . Until the Dawn offers you reasons to trust. If your faith has been assaulted, you will find renewal and spiritual refreshment. This is a story that needs to be told—and relived—in the 21st century.

This book is rich with media—including 105 minutes in four videos, audio files of the missionary’s voice and over 200 pictures—covering the span of their ministry, designed to provide an immersive experience you will not soon forget.

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December 31
Impact Ink, LLC
Keith Godbey

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DapFuHP ,

Worthy reading

Awesome book.
Hope this book will encourage the missionaries now.
Thanks for them who sacrificed themselves and their families.
God bless them.