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Forbidden love is...untouchable. Book 1 in a complete series!

Warning: Contains a hot, sexy, shifter king who will leave you breathless and wanting more…

Finding a mate is not part of King Noeh's plan, but his temperamental goddess gave him an ultimatum—bond to a female shifter or lose his crown. When he rescues a beautiful female from the enemy's grasp a forbidden attraction blooms, one that challenges his beliefs and forces him to choose between his kingdom and his heart.

Melissa longs for a soul-deep connection with another, but after losing her mate and child she's hesitant to give her heart to anyone. Captured by the enemy and tortured to near death, she's rescued by a brooding, handsome king. Even as she struggles to keep the honorable king at arms length, she can't ignore the compelling desire he ignites in her soul.

Now is the time to indulge yourself in this fast-paced and exciting shifter paranormal romance series!

January 2
Rosalie Redd
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Shoshanah Lila ,

Untouchable Lover

4 stars The fate of Earth is in the balance between two rival alien Deities; who will win?
A shadow war between two alien groups for the fate of Earth includes twists and turns as is the way of war. Political and personal rivalries make defeating the enemy even harder, but love prevails as a shining beacon to heal the rift between those who should be allies enables a new and hopefully brighter future for both. I appreciate the glossary provided so that readers can look up the Lemurian words if they want. Interesting characters that have strengths and weaknesses on both sides of the battle. Of course I am rooting for the Free-Will side. Who wants to be nothing but a puppet?

Even some of the Slaver side “pieces” to their chess-master have managed to retain one redeeming quality weather loyalty, the will to regain their lost love, etc but they still recruit by force instead of free will. Hmm…Could that be one of the future episodes? Benevolent slavery is one thing as in D/s, but that is not how this side is written in this first book. Their Deity is written as a might makes right, so no, I want them to loose.

This is voluntary feedback of a review copy, thanks.

Standing Wolf ,

Enticing, tasteful, beautiful - LOVE this book.

Fantasy Romance is not my normal genre. However, this book had me hooked from the first few chapters. Rosalie has created interesting characters that I fell in love with from the start, and I would definitely recommend this book to those who love Fantasy Romance, and even those like me that would like to venture out of their norm. The romance scenes are enticing, hot, and very tastefully written. Each character has a unique personality, and I'm sure you will fall in love with them as I have.

MungoJane ,

A rich, vibrant new world with lots of PNR yumminess

This story's set-up is at once familiar (in the best of ways) and uniquely different with some interesting new additions to the PNR genre. We've got the band of (mostly) male warriors who live and fight together, led by a noble albeit troubled king, and the dynamics between the characters and the world-building in this respect is fondly reminiscent of other well-loved PNRs like BBD, Midnight Breeds, LotU etc. Fans of these series will definitely find this book appealing, as it delivers within this popular set-up of characters and storytelling.

The unique aspects are the mythology the author developed for this world, and the details she fleshed out for it. Foreign gods and goddesses actively meddle in the affairs of the non-human races they put on Earth, which are mostly shifter species with magical abilities. I loved reading about all these new and interesting races, and their politics and struggles as they fight for survival beside the oblivious human population.

Though the romance is central to the plot, I'd say the story is definitely very action-driven, and besides the hero and heroine, we also get into the heads of other characters, including the villain and the deities pulling the strings behind the scenes.

A rich, vibrant new world with lots of PNR yumminess--I can abolutely recommend it to fans of PNR and/or Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romance.

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