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Five books full of magic, vampires, love, loss, vengeance, and redemption—all under a single cover!

Sorcerer Sebastian Light has long used his powerful magic to corner the market on demon hunting in Detroit. With control over the elements, he can burn through bounties almost as fast as the Ministry can issue them—much to the chagrin of the Motor City's other hunters. But after a group of vampires taints him with their blood in an effort to turn him, collecting bounties is the least of his worries.

News of Sebastian's vampire infection spreads through the city like Hellfire. Now he has a contract on his own head, and his rivals see an opportunity to take out their biggest competition. He can expend magical energy to keep the infection from blazing through him, but fending off constant attacks at the same time requires more power than even he can muster. Weakening daily and hunted wherever he goes, Sebastian scrambles to find a cure—before this fight for his life leaves him undead.

But this struggle is only the beginning…

Unturned: The Complete Series includes all five books chronicling the adventures of Detroit's most unique magic wielder, Sebastian Light.

What readers are saying about the Unturned series:

"Cornell takes the usual fantasy tropes, kicks them in the teeth, and sets them out against each other. There's a lovely mix of tension, danger, and violence that blends together into something that's not quite like anything else."

"Cornell brings his considerable talents to bear on heartbreak and loss, violence and magic and the need to carry on in the face of spiritual devastation."

"Twists and turns and plenty of action."

"Crossed is so good, I don't know how to explain it."

"I never thought in a million years I'd like another Mr. Cornell book as much as my prized Lockman Chronicles BUT here I am dying for the next book....!"

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 7
Broken Trope Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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