My Lush Sobriety

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“Triumphant, moving, and wildly entertaining. This is an unabashed and completely relatable account of getting clean and getting a life.”—Steve Geng, author of Thick as Thieves

The single glass of wine with dinner . . . the cold beer on a hot day . . . the champagne flute raised in a toast . . . what I’d drink if Hunter S. Thompson wanted to get wasted with me . . . these are my fantasies lately. Too bad I've gone sober.

When Sacha Z. Scoblic was drinking, she was a rock star; the days were rough and the nights filled with laughter and blackouts. Then she gave it up. She had to. Here are her adventures in an utterly and maddeningly sober world—and how she discovered that nothing is as odd and fantastic as life without a drink in hand. . .

“A gripping, inspiring tale that picks up where most sobriety memoirs leave off . . . This is a story for anyone trying to enact meaningful change in their lives.”—Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, #1 New York Times-bestselling coauthors of The Nanny Diaries

“Hilarious and heartbreaking, Unwasted is a traveler’s guide to the perilous, wondrous land of sobriety. Scoblic’s scorched, sweet prose is the work of a writer at the top of her form.”—Jennifer Finney Boylan, New York Times-bestselling author of She’s Not There 

“Scoblic’s testament to life on the wagon is pertinent and raffish, marked by considerable candor and humor. A dryly witty, spirited memoir.”—Kirkus Reviews

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January 28
Citadel Press
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Customer Reviews

RenadioSF ,


Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in NY, maybe it’s because the author is roughly my same age, or maybe it’s her writing style. Whatever it is, I’m a fan. I found this book engaging and insightful with moments of laugh-out-loud funny. Also cried a little.

Digjazzalot ,

"I choose to run"...

Sacha's honest, often hilarious account of her journey is inspiring and edifying. She's given me a lot to think about and helped me realize that I too must "choose to run". I enjoyed and savored reading about her life lessons as detailed in her book and I know am the better for having done so. A fine, fine read.

Pastel22 ,


I love memoirs and this book was really disappointing. Sascha is very unlikable and not in an interesting way. The book is very whiny, rambling and lacking substance. Perhaps because she was in a black out during her drinking days she has surprisingly little to write about. After she quits drinking she's spends her time avoiding social interaction, watching reality tv marathons and complaining about the ways she feels victimized by even the pettiest perceived slights from friends and coworkers. She spends a chapter raging against a friend who invites her to dinner parties and uses cooking wine in her recipes. In leu of actual content she has frequent elaborate scifi fantasies where she gets to drink that I eventually had to start skipping because they were so pointless and dull. At the end of the book (spoiler alert) sascha runs a marathon. Yay for her! Blah. I would like to unwaste the money I spent on this book.

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