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This is a preservation of significant incidents in the history of slavery in America that coincides with the life incidents of the author, Booker T. Washington, including the Reconstruction period. The author narrates his life struggles beginning with the struggle towards a proper education as a slave and moving on to build a successful career. Previously published as articles in The Outlook, this autobiography was published as a book in New York and London by The Association Press in 1901.

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December 31
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Customer Reviews

Southern Ladye ,

A necessary read for all

As we find ourselves in 2018 part of a country divided, it is eye opening to read of the life, struggles, and successes of Booker T. Washington. His message of encouragement, commitment, and hope is so needed today.

Cinnamon Lady 10 ,

Up From Slavery

This Autobiography of Booker T. Washington is absolutely life-changing. This Book should be Required Reading for ALL Students in America. It shapes one's mind as to achievable pursuit of excellence in education, labor and industry. And if you are grown and have not read this book yet, it's never too late to be enlightened, inspired and empowered. BUY THIS BOOK TODAY. Because Our Nation is in CRISIS And UP FROM SLAVERY, is definitely part of the solution!

FredX5 ,

Up From Slavery

Outstanding! This book should be a part of the curriculum in every school in America. No matter the color of one’s skin, or their financial wherewithal. Booker T. Washington led not by mere words, but through the consistency of his entire life, in using his hands, heart and mind. Clearly one of the greatest Americans ever.

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