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Missing or Murdered is back for season two!

Stepsisters Liv Olsen and Camry Lewis thought creating a hit true-crime podcast was hard, but it turns out re-creating a hit true-crime podcast for a second season is even harder. With the pressure from sponsors mounting and fans anxious for a second installment, Liv and Camry are ready to dive into the cold case of Brinkley Douglas.

Twenty years after Brinkley Douglas supposedly walked home from her boyfriend's house, her body was found buried at the local park. A discovery like this brings more questions than answers. It doesn't help that the court of public opinion long ago convicted Brinkley's boyfriend, Joel Zander, even if he had never officially been named a suspect by authorities.

Now, Liv and Camry are determined to find out what really happened to Brinkley. Did Joel do it? Or has he been unfairly punished for the last twenty years? What Liv and Camry do know for sure is that there is someone out there who does not want them to continue their investigation.

Will Liv and Camry survive to tell the tale for a season three?

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 9
Erin Huss
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Customer Reviews

Kat Costa ,

Up Next, Murder earns 5/5 Mysterious Phone Calls...Intriguing Drama!

Erin Huss had me hooked after book one, Microphones and Murder, and didn’t disappoint with this book two. Season two of Missing or Murdered, has podcasting step-sisters, Liv and Camry with their “podcasting posse” focusing on the near twenty-year-old unsolved murder of Brinkley Douglas whose skeletal remains have recently been uncovered. At the time of only one person was in the sights of the police and the community: the then boyfriend. With no body, there was no arrest, no closure, but nevertheless the boyfriend was essentially chastised and run out of town. Now, Liv has a niggling feeling that “something big and bad was about to go down” which seems to be very prophetic with some unwilling to participate, the boyfriend’s lawyer a cease and desist letter, a red sedan popping around, and several “Blocked ID” phone calls have no one on the other end...creepy. It despite the cut and dry appearance, delving further reveals some “niggling” doubts that Liv has a hard time discounting.

Season Two’s a Hit! Erin Huss’s well-developed drama starts with chapters referred to as “Episodes” and clever titles. The first-person narrative from Liv’s perspective, follows the search for a killer with plenty of maybes...is it him or him? Her? What about them? Along with the various avenues to explore, inconsistencies, personal peril, and a “Wow!” ending, I was entertained by the facets of the cold case, ins and outs of producing a podcast (even if inside a closet), and character connections with newly formed friendships and a sister-like dynamic that is very realistic. Erin’s writing style is engaging with a descriptive language narrative along with how Liv uses description for her podcast and various dialogue styles from depicting Austin’s stutter and pointing out when Liv and Oliver are signing due to his hearing disability. I love this series, and am eager for more...season three?

Disclosure: I received an ARC from the author. My review is voluntary with honest insights and comments.

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