Upgraded Chef: 12 Core Recipes to Supercharge Your Body & Brain

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This cookbook has been a decade in the making. As a bio hacker, I look at cooking as one of the variables that leads to better personal performance. It's not just the quality of your food, it's how it's prepared.

Being upgraded

I take this stuff more personally than most people for good reason. This is the diet that helped me lose 100 lbs and keep it off since the late 90s. This is the diet that fixed - and upgraded - my brain function. It's the basis of the diet I created to help my wife Lana, a Karolinska-trained physician, restore her fertility so we could start a family at about age 40, after Lana was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by her OB-GYN, who said she'd likely be infertile.

This is literally the diet that transformed my health, my family, my career, and my life.

Bulletproofing yourself

More than 100,000 people come to my blog every month to learn about how to eat to upgrade their bodies, their brains, and their lives. You can see their unsolicited testimonials on the site; people who lose 20 or more pounds in 6 weeks, without cutting calories. The guy who lost 75 pounds in 75 days. The physicians who use it in their practices.

This recipe book isn't going to teach you everything you need to know about the Bulletproof Diet or even all the ways it works. You can find this info for free on Bulletproofexec.com where it can help the most people.

Fuel your body with upgraded food

This recipe book is going to teach you how to use safe, delicious cooking techniques to prepare meals that taste amazing, but also fuel your body and mind to levels of performance beyond what you probably believe you're capable of.

We focus on three main types of cooking because they are the most versatile, flavorful, simple ways to create Bulletproof food. Bulletproof food is high in healthy fats (50-70% of calories), and avoids toxic foods and other toxins created by cooking. These small details can make all the difference in your health. They did for me.


"These 5 Indian spices make a popular spice mix known as Panch Poron. Make up a triple batch of the seed blend, it's lovely, you'll use it. Bring meats, fish, eggs to room temp before using, find out why on pages 53, 54 & 56."

"Bacon is an amazing food to cook with. The problem is that the quality of your bacon is very important. Average store quality bacon comes from animals fed an unsuitable diet, and the bacon is often cured in such a way that it contains more toxins that it should. Read more about "bacon" on page 51."

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September 11
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Customer Reviews

KPB1975 ,


Where are the other 15 reviews?

Trigger happy! ,

Not worth your money, yet!

If you look past all the hype regarding Bulletproof, this upgrade or cookbook or manual just falls way short.

Hopefully there will be others picking this philosophy up and creating a good book that most people can use.

The book seems to band authors seem to be confused and upon deeper look into the theory of this diet it is clear that this book was rushed and not really thought through.

I like the ideas behind it and look forward to the next generation of books on this subject.

Raff2210 ,

Worst $10 I ever spent

I bought this book cause I'm a fan of bulletproof coffee, thinking that there would be some more energy boosting, fat burning recipes included. Boy was I wrong. The recipes are heavily geared toward unhealthy animal fats and products and lots of meat, all of which studies show are detrimental to our health. The few vegetable based recipes are basically swimming in fat as well so they are pointless to consume as a "healthy dish" . Some of the recipes had upward of 7 tablespoons of butter combined with another 7 tablespoons of coconut oil! While I understand coconut oil is a healthy fat, the author fails to realize that too much of it is not good for you. Your daily diet will basically be around 70 - 80% fat. And while you are being encouraged to clog your arteries with fat, you are actually being told to limit your intake of fruits and certain vegetables. Yes, LIMIT fruits and vegetables while consuming fat! Author also claims he had six pack abs all while doing nothing and consuming vast quantities of fat. Book is not the least bit helpful and the author doesn't seem to have any nutritionist qualifications to be making these claims. Wish I had skipped over this book instead of flushing my money down the toilet...

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