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Bestselling author and host of Lou Dobbs Tonight offers his illuminating views on some of our nation’s most intractable problems.

In 2012, Lou Dobbs Tonight celebrated its one-year anniversary and a steadily growing viewership. Now, expanding on the “Chalk Talks” segment from his popular program, Dobbs gives his take on some of the country’s most pressing problems—including provocative topics no one is talking about—and what might be done to address them.  Covering our challenges in the areas of debt, the failure of our transportation infrastructure, the encroachment of the federal government, the power and size of public sector unions, the problems of business, big banks, big government, and more, Axis of Upheaval arms us with valuable information, as only Lou Dobbs can deliver it: with his frank, intelligent, and witty style.

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January 7
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AZ Grandparent ,

Our Country

I really like the author and watch his show on FBN every night that I can. With the book though, I feel that I was left a little dry. I was expecting a book like Dave Ramsey's book that identified many problems with our government and also identified what he thought would be a good solution to the problem. This book identifies many problems with our country, system and recent governments but don't give specifics about what we need to do to fix them. He generally states that the GOP needs to get its act together and get focused on a few key issues; we need to stay out of other countries battles; we need to return education to the local level and to expand the different methods of teaching our children; we need to fix the school dropout rate; we need to eliminate children born out of wedlock and raised in a single parent home; and we need to make a lot of infrastructure repair.

I agree with these things and agree that it has to start by taking back both houses of congress and the presidency. Some of the questions I have are what should the GOP platform look like for 2014 and going forward; to stop jumping into every conflict that comes along we need a president who believes in the Constitution and what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they created the Constitution and this country; to get the control of education back to the states, we need a new Constitution minded president and we need to get rid of teachers unions, pay for good teachers and get rid of the bad as well as many of the administrative positions--the money allocated to education should be used to create new and innovative ways to teach our children; we need to get the courts involved to make sure what one man reaps he pays for and heavily; birth control or abstinence should be taught to all children going into high school or maybe even junior high; and as for infrastructure repair, in the last 5 years the government has collected over a trillion dollars for this and continues to collect over 160 billion dollars a year but the government spends it elsewhere.

We also need to come up with ways to allow major companies to repatriate their large sums of money that they have stored overseas if they use this money to create good paying jobs here at home. We need to adjust our tax code to make it favorable for business to expand and create jobs and not just to increase their bottom line. We need to develop the right trade schools to meet the job requirements of our economy and to expand the junior colleges to pick up this load to train potential employees for jobs in the existing community. This can be financed with controlled government grants and not just giving schools money for there effort; needs to see results by training people adequately for jobs and then working with them to get the jobs. By lowering the business tax rates this will entice businesses to hire more workers and by lowering the personnel tax rates this will give people more money to spend on training and to make it possible to get the training. Unemployment insurance should be set at 24 weeks and if you haven't found a job by then, then you should enter into a 24 week worker training program and ending up with a final 24 weeks if necessary to get the job. Food stamps should be a paid for work program or a paid for training program for up to 48 weeks.

These are just some of the things that popped into my mind while reading this book and Lou is right, that the GOP has got to get their act together and quick and they need to make sure they stay away from their mistakes in the past and there has been many of those over the last few elections.

We allocated hundreds of billions of dollars for infrastructure repair in TARP and we have been allocating over 160 billion dollars annually for infrastructure repair-just ask Neil.

It makes you wonder how our fertility rate has declined with the likes of Octomom and these black men going around impregnating women like there is no tomorrow.

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