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Death is where it all ends, the very definition of finality, or at least it’s supposed to be. It’s quite logical to believe that when a body dies, so dies everything inside of it – every breath, every thought, every single emotion ever felt. But there is a legend that tells quite a different story.

This legend hints towards the possibility of an existence after death, and maybe even another chance at life. But before any such steps could ever be taken, three magical stones must first be gathered together. These otherwise regular balls of rock were known by Witchkind as the Elysian Stones, and legend spoke of their ability to somehow create a connection to the after-realm of death.

The former self-proclaimed king, Orleans, knew this, and he made sure to maintain their possession as they were chased away from their former home. But after keeping these three Elysian Stones hidden from his own brood, one of them ultimately went missing, while the other two remained tucked away within a mysterious underground labyrinth, designed to kill any who entered it. And that’s exactly where the brood of Saint Claude needed to travel if they wished to gain possession of them.

So while the oblivious Vampire Storm known as Reggio gets dragged beneath the dirt in search of these two remaining Elysian Stones, the two witch sisters of Tytanicus continue their struggle to harness his unique powers for themselves. And as the tension built between two former friends finally reaches a breaking point, bringing a wizard and warlock to each other’s throats, a ghostly face is at last revealed… all upon a river’s crescent.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 19
R.M. Plaiscia
Smashwords, Inc.

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