Time for Christians to Rise and Shine

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What if you could experience God’s power and love like you never have before?

Engaging and easy to read, UPRISING is inspiring believers around the world – from all walks of life and backgrounds – to greater levels of faith, passion, joy, hope and unity in Christ. Are you ready to join them?

★ “I consider this book as essential reading for every Christian who is sensing there’s something missing in their Christian Church experience.”
- Russell Thornberry, Founding Editor of Buckmasters Magazine

★"This book will change your thinking, life, family, and ministry. It is a must-read for every Christian leader regardless of your calling.”
- Prof. John Ofoegbu, Founder and President of Unity for Africa

★“Mike Arnold has unfolded in this book often hidden truths that most see, but few dare to say. His writing and perceptions are much like him as a person – honest, clear and forthcoming.”
- Dr. Peter C. Spencer, Executive producer of Return to the Hiding Place

★“The message in this book is simple, straight forward, powerful and applicable. Read. See. Do. Rejoice!”
- Charles E. Flowers, Senior Pastor of Faith Outreach Center Intl.

★“Wow, this book changed my perspective on Christian activism more than anything I’ve ever read. I highly endorse it!”
- Dr. JY Jones, Surgeon, Author, Adventurer, International Missionary

★“This book it is the key that will bring understanding, enlightenment and peace to a world that is searching for its own identity.”
- Dr. Craig Onstott, Founder of Nikao Wellness

★“I am buying this book to put for sale at our church.”
- Dr. Bobby W. Leggett, Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church

★“Mike Arnold’s book UPRISING is a breath of fresh air … a gut-challenging message to be the overcoming, victorious people who will forcefully advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of our society.”
- Eileen Vincent, Author of FaithWorks and Founder of CityReachers

★“UPRISING sounds a clarion call for the church to wake-up! ?Biblically sound and right on time, this book personally motivated me!”
- Dr. Charles Robinson, Founder of W.I.S.E. Ministries

★“I love this book and think it should be mandatory reading! Relevant, uncomplicated, and empowering, it resonates across all generations regardless of denomination or upbringing.”
- Steven Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Kingdom Generation Ministries

★“In UPRISING, Mike Arnold faithfully gives the reader the Master's plan for this generation from Scripture in such a way that you could be forever changed, like I was!”
- Bryan Penrod, 5-Star Diamond Director at USANA Health Sciences, Inc.


Regardless of your level of Bible knowledge or church experience, this book will:

✔ Equip you with bright, new clarity and insight into the Bible.
The answers you seek have been there all along!

✔ Lead you to a deep and real, personal relationship with our loving Father.
The Creator of the universe loves you and wants to talk with you, personally, every day!

✔ Teach you how to take God up on His promises.
You, too, can live as the first Christians – with divine guidance, power, provision and answered prayer!

✔ Empower you to overcome temptation and defeat evil.
Stop being afraid of the devil — make him afraid of you!

✔ Energize you with a clear understanding of God’s original (and long-lost) vision for mankind.
When you see things from His perspective, all the
puzzle pieces of life will start to come together!

✔ Uplift you with the certainty of your incredible purpose, potential and destiny in Christ.
YOU are more important and powerful than you may know!

It’s time to rise and shine! Rediscover God’s master plan and your place in it, and your life ... faith ... family ... business ... ministry ... career ... future ... and our world ... can never, and will never, be the same.

Religion & Spirituality
June 1
Nikao Press
Mike Arnold

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