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This book will not give you another UX methodology. I have very little respect for them. These methodologies lock your brain into various frameworks that eventually prevent you from following simplicity. Most of the products we use today fail to get us excited. They are clunky and unintuitive and yet their makers – corporations with billions of dollars in the bank – take pride in them.

Our world has become too analytical, too structured and too biased. Product designers get married to their creations so much that they fail to look at them from a standpoint of customers who were not there when the products were built and therefore may not know how they work. Also, organizations these days have so much internal barriers that many people with great UX ideas are never able to implement them.

Another thing about me – I’m not a graphic designer. I focus on the product use logic and information architecture. I design step by step scenarios of using products ensuring that every single element of it makes sense to the user.

Last thing – I don’t write long books. I always try to be short and concise and I prefer not to take a lot of my readers’ time. Instead, I do my best to provide all the necessary fundamentals with specific examples and let the readers form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions.

In this book I will share my own thoughts that in some cases go deep into human psychology. I will also cover what I learned about the corporate world and how hard it is to make your vision a reality. After reading this, you should be able to relate to very simple concepts about what really goes into great user experience and how simple it is, yet so hard, to achieve.

Computers & Internet
February 10
Vitalik Demin
Smashwords, Inc.

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Gemka D ,

This is deep

I can tell you one thing - you can create all types of personas and whatever other fluffy stuff UX methodologies promote - but if you don't nail the simple things this guy is talking about, then you got it all wrong. I think this book should be expanded.

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