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Gateway 329 heavy, youre cleared into position runway 30, cleared for takeoff.  Roger Tower, 329 heavy is rolling.  As Captain Michael McGraw maneuvered the heavy jet into position on the runway and advanced the throttles, the aircraft began its headlong dash into the sky. First Officer Ryan Starnes reported Airspeed alive 60 knots, As the aircraft continued to accelerate along the narrow runway, Ryan continued to call out the speeds until they reached, V-1 and then VR rotate speed.  With deft backpressure applied to the control yoke by the able captain, the heavy jet rose gracefully into the sky.

First officer Ryan Starnes began his maiden flight for Gateway International Airlines some months earlier with the tough as nails Captain Michael McGraw. If his luck of the draw wasnt bad enough, he also had to deal with a menacing storm brewing. Ryan had heard many rumors as to what to expect from the notorious Capt. McGraw; he would learn that most were true.

Years ago, paths crossed and left deep imprints in their lives. Explore the intimate details of the lives of two very strong willed and stubborn men.  Antagonists, united by their chosen profession, bonded by a fateful event, the secrets that lurk beneath the surface will undoubtedly change their lives.  Share their adventures, their loves and challenges in the world of aviation.  Meet Connie, the poised, sophisticated, sensuous woman whose mistake early in life had a profound effect on the lives of both men.  Get to know the lovely Melissa.  So incredibly beautiful that most men treated her like a rare china doll.  Melissa shared their love of flying, but made it her personal rule never to date pilots.  That is until she met Ryan. Ryan definitely had a way with the women. Somehow he knew from the first time he met her that Melissa was different.

Read about the deceptions, the intrigue, the sexual trysts and the fast-pace

Fiction & Literature
October 12

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n7323q ,

V-1 Rotate

Aviation has been my life since I was 8 years old. It is always good to find a great flying book that can take you back to the the time I loved the most. This book is a good read filled with the things that pilots love the most. All I can say is more please!

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