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What do you do when your planet runs out of women?  Send for takeout, of course.

Vadir has a business empire to run and no time to spare on frivolous endeavors. So how did he wind up on the far side of the galaxy to claim a mate he never signed up for? A matchmaking queen and a royal decree, that's how.

His plan is simple: meet the female, negotiate terms, and leave the primitive planet of Earth as fast as he can. What could possibly go wrong?

This book contains a bohemian blonde with a hell of a right hook, and an interstellar tycoon who is about to learn that the best things in life can't be bought or sold, they have to be won.

October 19
Black Scroll Publications Ltd.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

R Starchman ,

Vadir Star-Crossed Mail Order Brides

What another great book about the Pyros males coming to earth to find their mates so far Joran the crown prince of Pyros has found his mate Maggie . Now his friend Vadir has found Lisa his mate , now there’s another Kash’s story in the next book can’t wait to read it

Terri_999 ,

Vadir/mail brides

The concept is interesting. There are good points. I did enjoy the story. The end was rushed and I have questions because of that. Okay if a free ebook.

Jannie3381 ,

The sparks really fly with Lisa and Vadir!

Lisa Woods is a gifted artist selling her work along the sea wall in Vancouver. Her ‘muse’ inspires her to draw pictures of people destined to be important in her life, and often of dangers about to happen. Nothing like a bit of west coast ooie-ooie to liven up a character...I love it! Vadir is rich; a powerful galactic entrepreneur, who thinks he will simply have to negotiate the right terms to get his mate’s agreement. But Lisa is no pushover! Our delightful couple have some serious issues to iron out. In fact, it’s highly entertaining to watch!

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