Value-Added Christianity Value-Added Christianity

Value-Added Christianity

Putting Substance into Faith

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Like many others I feel there is a sense of positive movement within the body of Christ at the moment. While not fully formed as yet, there is a glaring need for the development of true disciples to catch hold of the stirrings that are bringing forth a sense of need within the body. Usually, these stirrings bring forth much needed evangelistic strategies, which are good, but there is a deeper sense of need occurring, which is calling forth a desire for those already in the Church to find a closer relationship with their Lord and Saviour. The “fruit” of much evangelism is till being lost although some are realising there is more to this Christianity business than just putting their hand up or walking to the front of a meeting or claiming to be Christian.

Eternity is getting closer. Society is losing itself in its new relative moralistic culture, dominated by principles that pass over marital infidelity, paedophilia, other people’s personal security and institutional culpable greed.

Something must happen if we are not to fall into a selfish pit leading to a quagmire that leaves suicide as the only preferred way out. Just going back to a church culture that justifies itself merely by being right and therefore making others obviously wrong is not going to cut it. Now is the day when we need real disciples that declare and demonstrate the mighty love and power of the Almighty God standing against the wickedness that is threatening our personal and communal well-being.

Becoming the type of disciple is what this book advocates, a positive way out of the oncoming morass. It’s time to rediscover the full enjoyment of our loving Father God.

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February 21
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