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"None of that matters, Vance." Andromeda said. "To tell the truth, I only went after Goldenmoon because I was bored. I planned to skim off some gold, and then be on my way to another part of the Belt. I didn't expect your father to die; I never wanted that. And I never expected to get Orton or the pirates involved. I just wanted some adventure. I'm a runaway, Vance. I've been living in the Belt for a year and all I can think about is running away."

"To where?" Vance asked. "You're running out of places where you're welcome."

"I don't know where. Somewhere better, maybe." Andromeda sighed. "Life is great in Ortonia, but I want something else. The thing is, I've found my strength. I'm a really good pilot, but it's just so boring out here. I spend most of my time pretending, I never really go anywhere. I'm too young to just rot out here on the edge of nowhere."

"You can't keep running away, Andy." Vance said. "Maybe it's time you ran toward something."

"I'm in over my head, Vance." Andromeda said. "I've seen you risk your life for Goldenmoon, for your father, even for me, but I don't have the courage to risk everything like you do. At first I wanted to be a pirate, now I hate them. Then I wanted the gold, but now I'm sick of it. I wanted to help you; now I can't wait to get away from you. But I'll tell you one thing, Vance Tyraid; you sure know the meaning of adventure."

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March 16
Douglas Hankins
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