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Introducing Demons After Dark: A Primani World Crossover Series. It’s hot paranormal romance featuring antiheroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Known only as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was stripped of their powers and violently exiled from Hell. Wrongly accused of an unthinkable crime, they’re left to survive with no memories and no weapons while a secret society quietly plots Lucifer’s demise. All is not lost though. Between some heavenly interference and the love of a few good women, the Trinity just might make it home before all Hell breaks loose. The new series begins with Dylan and Vanek.

Thanks to her family’s curse, Dylan has been promised to a sadistic soul broker demon and she’s desperate to escape a terrifying future. After an impulsive act leads her to Morningstar Sanitarium, she’s inexplicably drawn to the sad and mysterious Vanek, but the connection is broken when they escape. Forced into hiding, Dylan turns to Expat Security for protection. Stunned to find the disturbingly sexy Vanek working there, she almost walks away. Another demon is the last thing she needs in her life.

Formerly one of Hell’s most renowned Painkillers, Vanek is horrified with being human until he discovers he’s been thrown into the body of a badass mercenary with a definite kinky streak and a box of sex toys. Wondering how he got so lucky, he jumps into his new role as second in command in Trinity’s ops center--Expat Security. When Dylan comes to them for help, he knows he's got to handle her case personally. As his attraction to her grows, so does the conspiracy that landed him in Brooklyn.

Is Vanek’s past the key to saving his future--and hers?

Warning: This story contains snort out loud humor, intensely hot sex, a blistering antihero, and a damsel with a steel backbone. The author takes no responsibility for missed work or grouchiness from lack of sleep.

February 9
Laurie Olerich
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Drea Cos ,

Pleasantly surprised

Loved it loved the writing

Annoyed the Last ,

Well-written, new take on demons

Vanek, book one of Demons After Dark by Laurie Olerich is a new take on demons for me. One rarely sees them portrayed in a good light, but our hero and his “brothers” from Hell are definitely the good guys with a lot of bad attitude, oodles of sex appeal, and hearts of gold. They have been ejected from Hell after having been falsely accused of conspiring against Lucifer. Thrust into the human realm without powers or memories, they seek out the others as they remember who they are. Vanek is the third of several who have been restored, and they form Expat Security to generate income and search for their missing members.
Vanek meets Dylan as she flees from the demon her father has traded her to. She seeks out Expat to help her disappear and…well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. Suffice to say that there’s lots of action, passion and witty dialogue as the couple moves towards a resolution. There's also an unlikely alliance that forms which moves the story forward to it exciting conclusion, and promises what I imagine will be several more exciting books. Ms. Olerich is a skilled writer, and so I rate this book as highly recommended. I am looking forward to reading more and so very glad to have discovered this author.

cutelittleears ,

Demon in Disguise

Vanek was a great starter book for this series. Exiled and thrown into a human's body is the least of his worries. A woman, Dylan, needs his help, but going up against her enemies may prove to be a little hard. Add into it a bit of love and the adventure is a thrilling ride. Gonna pick up the next installment.

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